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  • News | Nagano 1998

    “Hermannator” thrills Nagano

    The story of Austria's Hermann Maier is a compelling, and one that at times beggars belief. A bricklayer and part-time ski instructor, he only came to full-time competitive skiing in his 20s, three years before these Games, yet he would establish himself as one of the finest winter sportsman in the world. And all the while, he skied as if he was fleeing an avalanche, attacking the mountains with utter determination.
    19 Feb 1998 | Nagano 1998, Olympic News, Alpine Skiing, Austria, MAIER, Hermann
  • News | Los Angeles 1984

    Masala grabs last-gasp modern pentathlon gold

    When organisers of the Olympic modern pentathlon changed the format of the event for the 1984 Games in Los Angeles, they could scarcely have anticipated the dramatic finale it would conjure up.
    01 Aug 1984 | Los Angeles 1984
  • News | Moscow 1980

    Starostin enters modern pentathlon record books

    The modern pentathlon is that classic Olympic event testing a competitor’s ability in rounds of shooting, swimming, fencing, riding and running.
    31 Jul 1980 | Moscow 1980
  • News | Moscow 1980

    France’s Trinquet foils Soviet party

    Russian fencers were expected to dominate the competition at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, especially with the leading exponents from the likes of West Germany absent due to the boycott.
    30 Jul 1980 | Moscow 1980
  • News | Mexico 1968

    Erudite Pawlowski reigns supreme in the sabre

    There was very little that was conventional about the life of Jerzy Pawlowski. A major in the Polish army, and a law major, he won five Olympic medals, broke Hungary's hold on his sport, was imprisoned as a spy and then became a faith healer.
    17 Oct 1968 | Mexico 1968
  • News | Tokyo 1964

    Kriss marches on to beat Hoskyns in epee

    The men’s epee had a dramatic final between Grigory Kriss, of the Soviet Union, and Great Britain’s Henry Hoskyns, two athletes whose paths to the Olympic Games were a complete contrast.
    15 Oct 1964 | Tokyo 1964, Fencing
  • News | Tokyo 1964

    Franke foils foes in fencing final

    The history of the men’s foil event suggested that the winner would come from France or Italy, perhaps Hungary or the Soviet Union. Few would have suggested that it would be the Polish flag that would be hoisted to celebrate the gold medal winner.
    14 Oct 1964 | Tokyo 1964, Fencing, Poland
  • News | Rome 1960

    Local hero Delfino justifies star billing in fencing

    Giuseppe Delfino had learnt to fence while working in the famous FIAT car factory in Turin, but the sport became much more than a hobby. Over the course of a sparkling career, he won six Olympic medals, four of them gold. However, the one that he won in Rome marked the pinnacle of his achievements.
    06 Sep 1960 | Rome 1960
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