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  • News | Sydney 2000

    Sydney goes out with a bang!

    The last Olympic Games of the 20th century ended with the world’s biggest farewell party. Around 10,000 athletes, 110,000 spectators and television viewers all over the world were invited to the Australian-style Closing Ceremony of the Games, after which the party went on through the night in the streets of Sydney.
    30 Sep 2020 | Olympic News, Sydney 2000
  • News | Sydney 2000

    Sydney 2000: Crazy about Catherine

    Before her legendary race in Sydney, Catherine Freeman was everywhere. In newspapers, on the walls of skyscrapers, adored by a nation who didn’t doubt for a single second that she would triumph in the 400m final, at 8.10 p.m. on the dot, in Sydney on Monday 25 September 2000. With 48 hours to go before she competed, the fever ramped up on the streets of the Olympic city…
    24 Sep 2020 | Olympic News, Sydney 2000, Athletics, Australia
  • News | Tokyo 2020

    Kaarle McCulloch: The Olympic Spirit lives within me

    It will be nine years between Olympic Games for Australian track cyclist Kaarle McCulloch when she takes to Izu Velodrome next summer.
    05 Aug 2020 | Olympic News, Tokyo 2020, On the road to Tokyo, Australia, Cycling
  • News | Tokyo 2020

    ”Young Jedi” Fitzgibbons set to show off serious airtime when surfing resumes

    Australian surfer Sally Fitzgibbons believes there will be a major change to women’s surfing when action restarts following the COVID-19 lockdown. As the sport gears up for its historic Olympic debut, she and her peers are ready to bring aerials to the fore.
    11 Jun 2020 | Olympic News, Surfing, Tokyo 2020, On the road to Tokyo, Australia
  • News | Olympic News

    Cathy Freeman at Sydney 2000: Moments of magic!

    The lighting of the Olympic cauldron, the victory lap in front of a jubilant crowd, the green and white full bodysuit… Cathy Freeman left an unforgettable mark on the Sydney 2000 Games. Twenty years on, who will claim victory in the 400m in the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo? Naturally the chances are higher for athletes also taking part in the women’s 4x400m event and the new mixed 4x400m relay!
    22 Sep 2019 | Olympic News, Sydney 2000, Tokyo 2020, Athletics
  • News | Sydney 2000

    Snapped: Cathy Freeman’s era-defining Sydney Olympic Games

    The 49.11 seconds it took for Cathy Freeman to win the 400m final at the Olympic Games Sydney 2000 are some of the most impactful moments in sporting history. Images of the Australian, who is of Aboriginal descent, clad in her distinctive running suit are instantly recognisable the world over. For the star herself, the magnitude of that night, almost 18 years ago, is starting to hit home.
    15 Aug 2018 | Sydney 2000, Athletics, FREEMAN, Cathy, Olympic News, Australia
  • News | RIO 2016

    Sydney still reaping benefits of hosting Olympic Games 2000

    While the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 shared a message of environmental protection with the world, sustainability is already a key focus of the International Olympic Committee and Olympic Agenda 2020.
    20 Aug 2016 | Olympic News, Legacy
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