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  • News | Lake Placid 1980

    Rinn and Norbert complete unprecedented luge defence

    East Germany had emerged as the dominant force in the luge and bobsleigh at the Sapporo Games in 1972  – and the peak of that domination  arguably came four years later at Innsbruck, where the country’s male and female teams enjoyed a clean sweep of all the gold medals in both sports. In one 24-hour spell GDR athletes claimed 10 medals in 24 hours. Indeed, the GDR won all but three of the medals available.
    19 Feb 1980 | Lake Placid 1980, Luge, German Democratic Republic
  • News | Sapporo 1972

    Italians and East Germans share doubles title

    The luge doubles competition in Sapporo was originally to be decided over two runs, as was the standard format back then. However the first run was cancelled halfway through after a problem with the start gate. Those who had already raced had their times wiped. The most aggrieved were the Italian pair of Paul Hildgartner and Walter Plaikner, who had set the fastest time but had now seen it erased. However, their contention that everyone had suffered from the same problem, and that the times should therefore stand, was overruled, and in the end the athletes had to forget about what had happened and refocus on the one run that would decide the titles.
    07 Feb 1972 | Sapporo 1972, Olympic News, Luge
  • News | Mexico 1968

    Sergeant Jones jumps to gold

    Sergeant Reuben Jones of the Royal Horse Artillery enjoyed his finest hour on 21 October 1968 in Mexico City, jumping a clear round on his mount, The Poacher , to win team eventing gold for Great Britain.
    27 Oct 1968 | Mexico 1968
  • News | Mexico 1968

    Kayaker Pfeffer defies the odds to claim Olympic silver

    Athletes train for years to do their best at the Olympic Games. They aim to arrive in the best physical shape, with their tactics clear and their preparation perfect. But sometimes, fate will still trip them up.
    25 Oct 1968 | Mexico 1968
  • News | Grenoble 1968

    Schmid comes of age in the luge

    When Manfred Schmid arrived in Grenoble, he may have had an inkling that he had a long and successful career in luge ahead of him – but in Grenoble came confirmation. He was 23 years old, taking part in his second Olympic Winter Games, and on his way to becoming one of the sport's stars. Four years previously, in Innsbruck, he had come ninth after four solid, if unspectacular, runs. Here, his performance was very different.
    15 Feb 1968 | Grenoble 1968, Luge, Austria, SCHMID, Manfred
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