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  • News | Barcelona 1992 Legacy

    Solidarity with Sarajevo

    The Olympic Games Barcelona 1992 coincided with the devastating Yugoslavian war. The city of Barcelona, the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992 and the citizens of Barcelona provided humanitarian aid to the people of Sarajevo, host of the Olympic Winter Games in 1984, which was badly affected during the hostilities.
    14 Jun 2019 | Barcelona 1992 Legacy, Legacies for People
  • News | Barcelona 1992 Legacy

    Sport for All

    Barcelona 1992 democratised access to sport by ensuring that children and young people, regardless of their social and economic background, origin or gender, had every opportunity to engage in sport after the Olympic Games. The sports programmes created were intended to encourage integration, participation and empowerment.
    14 Jun 2019 | Barcelona 1992 Legacy, Legacies for People
  • News | Tokyo 2020

    Secrets of softball with Canada’s Victoria Hayward

    Softball players such as Victoria Hayward have waited more than a decade for their sport to return to the Olympic stage. The Canadian believes that the world is going to fall in love with it at Tokyo 2020, that the matches will create one of the Games’ best atmospheres – and that the exposure can help more players into the professional game.
    15 Jun 2019 | Olympic News, Tokyo 2020, Canada, Softball
  • News | Tokyo 2020

    Rowing and canoe venues for Tokyo 2020 inaugurated

    The Sea Forest Waterway, a new permanent venue to be used during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, was officially inaugurated today. With more than a year to go until the Games open, the delivery of this new permanent venue shows Tokyo’s preparations are well on track.
    18 Jun 2019 | Olympic News, Tokyo 2020, Rowing, Canoe Sprint
  • News | Tokyo 2020

    Tokyo 2020 flower lanes will welcome spectators

    Tokyo 2020 today revealed details of the Tokyo 2020 Flower Lane project. This project engages schoolchildren in prefectures that are hosting Olympic and Paralympic events in the planting of seeds to grow flowers that will be used in place of traditional partitions to create attractive natural barriers at pedestrian screening areas in front of venues.
    17 Jun 2019 | Olympic News, Tokyo 2020
  • News | Olympic News

    Olympic values: Q&A with titanic rowing pair Redgrave & Pinsent

    Great Britain’s Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent won a mind-blowing nine Olympic gold medals between them, dominating rowing from Los Angeles in 1984 to Athens in 2004. Here, in the first of a new series featuring stars past and present analysing the enduring magic of the world’s greatest sporting spectacle, the titanic duo reveal how the Games have defined their lives.
    16 Jun 2019 | Olympic News, Great Britain, Rowing
  • News | Barcelona 1992 Legacy

    Creating a volunteer culture

    The organisers of the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992 recruited volunteers to help run the event, building a “volunteering” culture in and around the city which had not been particularly strong prior to the Games.
    14 Jun 2019 | Barcelona 1992 Legacy, Legacies for People
  • News | Barcelona 1992 Legacy

    Barcelona 1992: A model of Olympic Legacy

    Barcelona used the platform of the Olympic Games 1992 to transform the face of the city and to carry out large-scale projects to promote the practice of sport and boost the local economy. The benefits that the Games left behind are often cited as a positive example of Olympic legacy.
    14 Jun 2019 | Barcelona 1992 Legacy
  • News | London 1948

    Snapped: the day Fanny Blankers-Koen ripped up the rulebook

    In August 1948, the 30-year-old Fanny Blankers-Koen won an astonishing 11 races in eight days as she claimed four gold medals at the London Olympic Games and changed the perception of women’s sport forever. It is little wonder world-renowned Dutch athletics coach Charles Van Commenee labels his compatriot as the “greatest sports person we have ever produced as a nation”.
    14 Jun 2019 | Olympic News, Athletics, London 1948, BLANKERS-KOEN, Fanny, Netherlands
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