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  • News | Amsterdam 1928

    Speedy Robinson makes dramatic debut

    Of all the Olympic adventures enjoyed by athletes down the years, few can match the drama experienced by American sprinter Betty Robinson.
    03 Jun 1928 | Amsterdam 1928, United States of America, Athletics
  • News | Amsterdam 1928

    Flying Finn Ritola signs off with fifth gold

    Ville, or Willie, Ritola unfortunately played second fiddle during one of the greatest dynasties Olympic track and field has ever witnessed.
    02 Jun 1928 | Amsterdam 1928, Finland, Athletics
  • News | Amsterdam 1928

    Radke earns Germany's first athletics gold

    The Summer Olympics have seen some controversial races down the years but few that had the repercussions of the women’s 800m in the Amsterdam Games of 1928.
    01 Jun 1928 | Amsterdam 1928, Athletics, Germany
  • News | Amsterdam 1928

    Kuck's record-breaking shot at glory

    Throughout his school life in Kansas, John Kuck was the most prodigious of field athletes, breaking a multitude of records in all the throwing disciplines.
    30 May 1928 | Amsterdam 1928, United States of America, Athletics
  • News | Amsterdam 1928

    Williams races to double sprint success

    Percy Williams was the very antithesis of the modern day sprinter. While now the muscular, powerful, bulky speedsters prevail, Williams was slight and pale and looked anything but an Olympic champion in the waiting.
    28 May 1928 | Amsterdam 1928, Canada, Athletics
  • News | Amsterdam 1928

    Oda jumps for joy

    When modern-day athletes occasionally lament a lack of training facilities they would do well to ponder the experiences of Japanese jumper Mikio Oda.
    27 May 1928 | Amsterdam 1928, Japan, Athletics
  • News | Amsterdam 1928

    Ireland's O’Callaghan hammers home the advantage

    Irish rugby player Pat O’Callaghan embodied the amateur, self-starting spirit which led to hammer success in the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam.
    26 May 1928 | Amsterdam 1928, Ireland, Athletics
  • News | Amsterdam 1928

    Lowe strikes again in the 800m

    When Great Britain’s Douglas Lowe won the men’s 800m gold medal at the Olympic Games in Paris, he probably was not given the credit he deserved because of an injury which hit the overwhelming favourite.
    24 May 1928 | Amsterdam 1928, Athletics, Great Britain
  • News | Amsterdam 1928

    Loukola overshadows fellow Finn Nurmi in steeplechase

    It says everything about the balance power in the distance running events at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam that four of the nine finalists in the men’s 3,000m steeplechase were from Finland.
    23 May 1928 | Amsterdam 1928, Athletics, Finland
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