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    Women in the Olympic Movement

    At which Olympic Games did women’s figure skating make its first appearance? Did you know that the first female IOC member was elected in 1981? This document contains the answers to such questions and more facts and figures about the presence of women in the Olympic Movement.
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    Atlanta 1996

    “The Official Report of the Centennial Olympic Games: Atlanta 1996” marked a return to a more sober and traditional form. There were French and English box sets, published in 1997. The work consisted of three volumes (Planning and organizing; The centennial Olympic Games; The competition results). Volume 3 was bilingual.
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    Seoul 1988

    The “Official report: Games of the XXIVth Olympiad Seoul 1988” was as imposing to look at as the previous one for Los Angeles 1984. There were three separate editions, in French, English and Korean. The work was in two volumes (Organization and planning; Competition summary and results).
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    Los Angeles 1932

    The official report “The Games of the Xth Olympiad Los Angeles 1932” was produced only in English, in the form of a single volume with over 800 pages. The quality was excellent, and it was the first such report to include colour illustrations. It exists with three different types of binding.
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    Salt Lake City 2002

    The official report of Salt Lake City 2002 is composed of two large-format volumes and a CD-ROM. Volume 1, “Official report of the XIX Olympic Winter Games Salt Lake 2002”, was published in two versions – French and English. Volume 2, “The fire within: 12 photographers' quest to capture the Olympic spirit” is available in English only. The CD-ROM provides the competition results in a bilingual version.
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    Barcelona 1992

    COOB’92 was the first Organising Committee to offer an Official Report in four separate editions. Indeed, the “Official Report of the Games of the XXV Olympiad Barcelona 1992” exists in French, English, Spanish and Catalan. Each edition consists of five volumes (The challenge; The means; The organisation; The Games; The results). Volume 5 was quadrilingual, so identical for each edition, and came with two diskettes containing the biographies of the Olympic medallists.
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    Melbourne - Stockholm 1956

    Having the equestrian events in Stockholm rather than Melbourne naturally had an impact on the official report. Indeed, the organisers of the equestrian Games in Stockholm decided to publish their own official report. There are thus two official reports, “The official report of the Organizing Committee for the Games of the XVI Olympiad Melbourne 1956”, published in 1958, and “The Official Report of the Organizing Committee for the Equestrian Games of the XVIth Olympiad”, published in 1959. The first is only in English; the second is in both English and Swedish.
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    Sochi 2014

    The Official Report published by the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games Sochi 2014 is composed of a box set containing a commemorative book (published in English and Russian) as well as four CD-ROMs, dealing with various aspects related to the organisation and running of the Games: Vol. 1: Presentation of Sochi’s candidature. - Vol. 2: Commemorative book (also available in print, but only in English and Russian). - Vol. 3: Preparation of the Olympic Games (English and French versions) and Paralympic Games (English version only).- Vol. 4: Official results of the Games (trilingual document – English, French and Russian). The last CD also contains the list of Olympic and Paralympic medallists (bilingual – English and Russian).
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