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  • Stronger Links Between Influential IOC Members | Video

    Stronger Links Between Influential IOC Members

    Pedro Yang comments on a recent Olympic conference and contends that stronger links now exist between people of influence in the International Olympic Committee. This is positive and a strong sign for the Olympic Movement. He will remember seeing a more human, everyday side of IOC President Jacques Rogge during a dinner after the Athlete Commission meeting.
  • IOC President Legacy | Video

    IOC President Legacy

    “Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee, is passionate about the IOC’s role in helping host cities prepare for legacy.”
  • The Power Of The Digital Age | Video

    The Power Of The Digital Age

    IOC Director of Communications Mark Adams explains the digital trajectory of the Olympic movement after a successful games in Beijing. Social networking sites will provide new opportunities for the IOC to harness the connectivity of the internet to bring athletes and spectators together in fresh and imaginitive ways. With the new digital tools, the future is a gold mine for innovation and inspiration.
  • Olympics- More Than Just Sport | Video

    Olympics- More Than Just Sport

    IOC President Jacques Rogge implores athletes to compete in the spirit of fair play, mutual understanding and respect. But there is more to the Olympic Movement than high level athletics. The IOC mandate is also geared toward fraterntiy, universality and helping those in need. Caring for the environment, promoting women in sport, AIDS prevention, and assisting those affected by armed conflict are at the heart of the IOC's values and desire for social responsibility.
  • """Let's go!""" | Video

    """Let's go!"""

    """Let’s go”, says Daniela Meuli as she coaches young elite snowboarders during a training camp in Davos, Switzerland. This is only one of her jobs. Daniela, a snowboard gold medal winner at the Turin 2006 Winter Games, also sorts out lifestyle plans for athletes at the Research Institute in Davos. Like 4,000 other athletes, she was helped by the IOC Athlete Career Programme."
  • Frank Fredericks Comments on the Olympic Congress | Video

    Frank Fredericks Comments on the Olympic Congress

    "Frank Fredericks explains how the Olympic Congress invited IOC members, athletes and sponsors to get together and discuss important issues in the Olympic Movement. The public was also encouraged to participate through a virtual congress. Mr. Fredericks seeks input and says to the public, ""We are open. We are here to listen to them."""
  • Volunteers, champions of the Games | Video

    Volunteers, champions of the Games

    On 5 December, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) joins the international community in celebrating International Volunteer Day. Volunteerism is the very foundation, and also one of the core values of the Olympic Movement. For each edition of the Games, there are thousands of people, of all ages, cultures and origins, all inspired by the same will to assume their responsibilities and serve with distinction, sharing the same emotions and passion for sport and its ideals of excellence, respect and friendship.
  • Day 2 of the XIII Olympic Congress | Video

    Day 2 of the XIII Olympic Congress

    On the second day of the XIII Olympic Congress in Copenhagen, keynote speakers called for a concerted worldwide effort to promote physical activity and warned of “very direct, brutal attacks” on the autonomy of sport. Thomas Bach, IOC Vice-President and President of the German National Olympic Committee, and President José Ramos Horta of Timor-Leste delivered the keynote addresses on the themes on “Olympism and Youth” and “The Structure of the Olympic Movement.”
  • Beijing 2008 Legacy | Video

    Beijing 2008 Legacy

    “In 2008, Beijing produced some of the most epic sporting performances the world has ever seen. Their Games also introduced sport to more countries than ever before, with unprecedented global reach both in terms of athletes and spectators. China opened its doors and quite literally welcomed the world. Beijing was a Games carried out on a breathtaking scale, as well as with breathtaking performances. But the IOC knew that its success wouldn’t simply be judged by the breaking of records. Beijing was a vivid example of the Games legacy in action, touching millions of people.”
  • Vancouver 2010 Legacy | Video

    Vancouver 2010 Legacy

    “The Games of the last two decades have proved beyond any doubt that legacy doesn’t happen by accident –  it has to be planned for, created and nurtured. Each new host city and host nation learns lessons from previous Games, but the IOC itself is in a unique position to help define the vision, plan the legacy objectives, and identify the long-term benefits that the Games can bring, right from the very start of the bidding process. And this is exactly what happened in Vancouver.The Vancouver Games were unique in the way the social, environmental and economic considerations were interwoven to benefit the people of Vancouver and its surrounding regions.”
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