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  • News | Salt Lake City 2002

    Yang Yang (A) breaks China’s golden silence

    In recent years, China had made a big push to improve its standing in the world of winter sports, and it was at Salt Lake City 2002 that all of its efforts began to pay off. And much of that was down to the performances of short track skater Yang Yang, or to be more precise Yang Yang (A). She was so called to distinguish her from team-mate and fellow short track skater with the same name, who was in turn known as Yang Yang (L). Initially they had been given the extra initials ‘L’ and ‘S’, standing for ‘Large’ and ‘Small’, but Yang Yang (L) objected to her new moniker, so she changed it to Yang Yang (A), with the A standing for August, the month of her birth.
    16 Feb 2002 | Salt Lake City 2002, Olympic News, Short Track Speed Skating, People's Republic of China
  • News | Seoul 1988

    Suleymanoglu lifts weights and hearts with extraordinary hat-trick

    Not many small men have made such a big impact on the modern Olympics as the unique weightlifter Naim Suleymanoglu. The Bulgarian-born lifter was to become a national symbol in Turkey and was dubbed ‘the Pocket Hercules’ such were his Olympian exploits at just 1.47m tall and weighing 132lbs.  
    22 Sep 1988 | Seoul 1988
  • News | Calgary 1988

    Bobsleigh - Cool runnings in Calgary

    The achievements of the Jamaican bobsleigh team in Calgary cannot be measured in times or medals. The quartet from the Caribbean island came nowhere near to the podium and yet their endeavours earned international admiration and global fame, even inspiring a movie
    27 Feb 1988 | Calgary 1988, Bobsleigh, Jamaica, Olympic News
  • News | Moscow 1980

    Khabareli surges to judo crown

    Russia and East Germany hoovered up the majority of the medals at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, but judo was a sport where the spoils were expected to be shared more evenly.
    02 Aug 1980 | Moscow 1980
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