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  • News | St. Moritz 1948

    Military patrol puts Swiss in their element

    Military patrol was included as a demonstration sport in a St Moritz, just as it had been on several previous occasions. It might be best described as a team version of biathlon, with four members of the team having to endure a 25km cross-country ski while also shooting accurately with a rifle.
    08 Feb 1948 | St. Moritz 1948, Biathlon, Switzerland, Olympic News
  • News | Chamonix 1924

    Switzerland land military patrol gold

    The “military patrol” competition which took place in Chamonix on 30 January 1924 can be regarded as a forerunner of the modern biathlon. The cross-country skiing and rifle shooting elements were similar, but the difference was that it also contained a “patrol” component, where four-man teams, which had to include one officer, embarked on a 30km ski race as a unit. At the conclusion of the race the teams – minus the officer – took part in a shooting contest in which 30-second time bonuses could be gained for every target hit.
    30 Jan 1924 | Chamonix 1924, Biathlon, Switzerland, Olympic News
  • News | Chamonix 1924

    Birth of the Olympic Winter Games

    Events held on ice, such as figure skating (at London 1908 and Antwerp 1920) and ice hockey (at Antwerp 1920) had already featured at the Games prior to 1924, but IOC President Pierre de Coubertin was a strong advocate for integrating as many winter sports as possible in the Olympic programme, arguing that they should enjoy the same standing as summer sports.
    25 Jan 1924 | Chamonix 1924, Olympic News
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