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  • News | Salt Lake City 2002

    Gilt-edged Games for bionic Bjørndalen

    Four years earlier, Ole Einar Bjørndalen had won gold in the 10km and silver in the relay, so the world already knew that the Norwegian was a fine biathlete. Those successes had merely heightened his sense of ambition, and he arrived in Salt Lake City eyeing a place among the very greatest biathletes of all time.
    20 Feb 2002 | Salt Lake City 2002, Olympic News, Norway, Biathlon
  • News | Salt Lake City 2002

    Forsberg ends her Olympic medal drought

    Magdalena Forsberg was widely regarded as the world's foremost female biathlete of her generation, and ahead of Salt Lake City she was on her way to winning her sixth consecutive World Cup title. Yet she had somehow never managed to translate that form into Olympic success and arrived in the USA looking to win her first medal at the Games.
    11 Feb 2002 | Salt Lake City 2002, Olympic News, Sweden, Biathlon
  • News | Lillehammer 1994

    Tarasov makes it a biathlon hat-trick

    In 1992 biathlete Sergey Tarasov had been acutely ill and missed the Albertville Games, but his debut in Lillehammer two years later was hotly anticipated.
    23 Feb 1994 | Lillehammer 1994, Biathlon, Olympic News, Russian Federation
  • News | Lillehammer 1994

    Bédard wins historic biathlon double

    A fine ice skater in her youth, Myriam Bédard's sporting success that followed actually came away from the rink. Bédard joined the Canadian Army Cadets aged 15 and showed an immediate affinity with marksmanship, which led her down a predictable sporting path.
    23 Feb 1994 | Lillehammer 1994, Olympic News, Biathlon, Canada
  • News | Albertville 1992

    Kirchner wins double biathlon gold

    By the time German biathlete Mark Kirchner returned home from the Albertville Games he had been transformed into a local hero and an international icon.
    20 Feb 1992 | Albertville 1992, Biathlon, Germany, Olympic News
  • News | Albertville 1992

    Reztsova’s golden gamble pays off

    The biathlon welcomed female competitors for the first time in Albertville, and it was no great surprise that the inaugural Olympic women’s champion was the Unified Team’s Anfisa Reztsova.
    14 Feb 1992 | Albertville 1992, Biathlon, Olympic News
  • News | Calgary 1988

    Biathlon - Roetsch creates Olympic biathlon history

    Going into Calgary, no biathlete had ever managed to win the 10km and 20km “double” in the individual competitions at the same Games. Frank-Peter Roetsch was widely tipped to become the first. The East German, who had bagged a silver in the 20km four years earlier in Sarajevo, had modified his skiing technique over the previous few years to great success. He arrived in Calgary as the reigning world champion in both individual events and was therefore a firm favourite.
    23 Feb 1988 | Calgary 1988, Biathlon, Olympic News, Germany
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