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  • News | Turin 2006

    Greis stuns Norwegians with biathlon hat-trick

    In 2002, Ole Einar Bjørndalen had been the outstanding biathlete of the Games, wining four gold medals and cementing his place as one of the finest biathletes in history. Since then, his performances had continued to impress – he won another four titles at the world championships in 2005. Four years later, many expected him to continue his domination – but they figured without Germany’s Michael Greis.
    25 Feb 2006 | Turin 2006, Norway, Biathlon, Olympic News
  • News | Olympic News

    IOC statement

    24 Feb 2006 | Olympic News, Press Release
  • News | Olympic News

    Russian women's biathlon team

    The women's team biathlon was one of the most eagerly contested events in the biathlon competition. Russia and Germany had both seen the event as a chance to show their pr-eminence, particularly with German's great record. The two nations had tended to dominate victories in the world cups and world championships, with Norway also playing a leading role. In Turin, though, few expected the Norwegians to challenge for victory – this was expected to be a clash between two great titans.
    23 Feb 2006 | Olympic News
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