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  • News | Antwerp 1920 Legacy

    An Olympic past and present

    The Olympic Games Antwerp 1920 marked the first and only time to date that Belgium has hosted the Games. Therefore, it is no surprise that the country has kept the memory of this historic occasion alive and sought to share it with every generation.
    16 Dec 2020 | Antwerp 1920 Legacy, Legacies for Cities
  • News | Antwerp 1920 Legacy

    A symbol of hope

    The staging of the Olympic Games Antwerp 1920 was, and continues to be, of significant symbolic importance. At the time, countries across the world were reeling from the devastating effects of the war and the Spanish flu pandemic. People longed for unity and peace. The coming together of 2,626 athletes in Belgium, just two years after the country had been liberated from occupation, still stands as a recognition of that longing.
    16 Dec 2020 | Antwerp 1920 Legacy, Legacies for People
  • News | Antwerp 1920 Legacy

    Pledging fair play

    16 Dec 2020 | Antwerp 1920 Legacy, Legacies for Sport
  • News | Women in Sport

    Masai Ujiri: “Female empowerment is about action not words”

    In the latest interview in our series focusing on gender equality, Masai Ujiri, the President of National Basketball Association (NBA) team the Toronto Raptors, talks about his successful efforts to promote women to senior roles within the Canadian franchise.
    17 Mar 2021 | Olympic News, IOC News, Women in Sport, Basketball
  • News | IOC News

    IOC Executive Board receives an update on the Refugee Olympic Team for Tokyo 2020 and the support Olympic Solidarity continues to offer to refugee athletes

    Olympic Solidarity is currently supporting 55 Refugee Athlete Scholarship-Holders, who are training in the hope of competing at Tokyo 2020 this summer. They come from 13 countries and are hosted by 21 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) across all 5 continents, representing 12 sports.
    24 Feb 2021 | Olympic News, IOC News, Refugee Olympic Team, Tokyo 2020
  • News | Olympic Studies Centre

    2021 PhD Students and Early Career Academics Research Grants awarded

    In the framework of the PhD Students and Early Career Academics Research Grant Programme, The Olympic Studies Centre (OSC) has selected six research projects based on their academic quality and link with Olympic studies.
    15 Jan 2021 | Olympic Studies Centre
  • News | YOG

    YOG stars to watch in 2021

    With a host of major sporting events on the calendar for 2021, highlights some former Youth Olympic Games (YOG) stars who could shine over the next 12 months.
    14 Jan 2021 | Olympic News, YOG
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