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  • News | Albertville 1992

    Late bloomer Veldkamp restores Dutch speed skating pride

    The Netherlands abiding love affair with speed skating was as passionate as ever in Albertville, but it had been 16 years since a Dutch skater had taken an Olympic gold, and some questioned whether the country even deserved to be regarded as a powerhouse of the sport.
    20 Feb 1992 | Albertville 1992, Speed Skating, Netherlands, Olympic News
  • News | Helsinki 1952

    Barthel emerges from under middle-distance radar

    For much of Helsinki 1952, middle-distance runner Josy Barthel remained firmly under the radar. His initial successes had come in the military world championships of 1947 and 1948, and he had placed ninth in the 1,500m at the previous Olympic Games in London. So he was hardly a household name.
    26 Jul 1952 | Helsinki 1952
  • News | St. Moritz 1948

    Helgesen prevails as 500m speed skating goes to the wire

    Sophisticated timing machinery was not yet part of the Olympic Winter Games, but don't be fooled into thinking that some of the races weren't incredibly closely fought. The speed skating 500m was a great case in point – the timing clocks were pushed to their limit by a contest that turned out to be one of the narrowest finishes in Winter Olympic history.
    31 Jan 1948 | St. Moritz 1948, Speed Skating, Finland, Olympic News
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