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  • News | Sochi 2014

    Spanish ice pioneer Javier Fernández dreams of a figure skating medal

    Javier Fernández Lopez has already made sporting history for Spain by becoming double European figure skating champion in 2013 and 2014. Now he is aiming for a new first for his country: a figure skating medal at the Olympic Winter Games.
    05 Feb 2014 | Sochi 2014, Olympic News, Figure Skating, Spain
  • News | Sochi 2014

    Get ready for ice hockey!

    Medal events: 2 Athletes: 444 Dates: 8–23 February
    28 Jan 2014 | Sochi 2014, Olympic News, Ice Hockey, CROSBY, Sidney
  • News | Sochi 2014

    Yuna Kim, the queen of the rink

    Figure skater Yuna Kim first made her mark on the Olympic Winter Games with her outstanding performances on the ice at Vancouver 2010. After taking a break from competitive action the following year she returned in 2013 to win her second world title, and is now gunning to become the first woman to retain the Olympic figure skating title since Katarina Witt in 1988.  
    09 Jan 2014 | Sochi 2014, Olympic News, Figure Skating, Republic of Korea
  • News | Olympic News

    Re-live the “Battle of the Brians”

    There were two Brians on the ice at the Olympic Saddledome in Calgary on 22 February 1988. The Canadian Orser and the American Boitano.
    23 Oct 2013 | Olympic News
  • News | Olympic News

    They came, they saw, they jumped... together!

    They might be opponents on the field of play, but Olympic medallists Tom Daley and Qiu Bo put their rivalry to one side this week and came together for the first time ever to dive as a pair in celebration of the unifying power of sport.
    17 Oct 2012 | Olympic News
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