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  • News | Calgary 1988

    Alpine Skiing - Wolf pins her hopes on super-G success

    The super-G made its Olympic debut in Calgary, and naturally enough the frontrunners were expected to be those racers who had prospered during the World Cup season. In the case of the women’s event that meant Swiss duo Maria Walliser and Michela Figini and the West German Marina Kiehl, who had already won the Olympic downhill but was essentially a slalom specialist.
    22 Feb 1988 | Calgary 1988, Alpine Skiing, Austria, Olympic News
  • News | Calgary 1988

    Figure Skating - The battle of the Brians

    While the women’s individual figure skating competition was dubbed “the Battle of the Carmens”, the men’s was billed as the “the Battle of the Brians”.
    20 Feb 1988 | Calgary 1988, Figure Skating, Olympic News, Canada, ORSER, Brian, United States of America, BOITANO, Brian
  • News | Calgary 1988

    Figure Skating - Grinkov and Gordeyeva prove a match made in heaven

    Adversity can either drive sporting partners apart or pull them closer together, and that is never truer than in pairs figure skating, where couples work intensely in such close proximity for such long periods that things inevitably go wrong at times.
    16 Feb 1988 | Calgary 1988, Figure Skating, Olympic News
  • News | Los Angeles 1984

    Louganis dives his way into the record books

    Few athletes in the history of the Olympic Games bounced back from such a troubled childhood to reach the heights of athletic achievement quite like the American diver Greg Louganis.
    08 Aug 1984 | Los Angeles 1984, United States of America, Diving
  • News | Sarajevo 1984

    Nimble Weissflog jumps to a career high

    Arguably the high point of German ski jumper Jens Weissflog’s long career was his first gold medal in the competition at Sarajevo in 1984.
    18 Feb 1984 | Sarajevo 1984, Ski Jumping, Germany, Olympic News
  • News | Sarajevo 1984

    Flawless Figini wins women's downhill to break age record

    Michela Figini shot out of the starting gate and flew down Mount Jahorina to win gold in the women’s downhill race at the 1984 Games – making the petite 17-year-old the youngest skiier ever to win an Olympic medal.
    18 Feb 1984 | Sarajevo 1984, Olympic News, Alpine Skiing, Switzerland
  • News | Sarajevo 1984

    Torvill and Dean steal hearts on Valentine's Day

    Four seamless, gliding minutes on the ice at Sarajevo in 1984 catapulted Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean to international fame and acclaim. The British duo’s routine, set to a refrain from Ravel’s Boléro, was an achievement as yet unmatched in their sport.
    14 Feb 1984 | Sarajevo 1984, Figure Skating, Great Britain, TORVILL, Jayne, DEAN, Christopher, Olympic News
  • News | Moscow 1980

    Unsung Finn Poikolainen wins archery gold

    With the powerful Japanese and American teams absent from the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, the archery events were particularly hard hit.
    02 Aug 1980 | Moscow 1980
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