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  • News | Tokyo 1964

    Dutch judoka Geesink stuns home crowd

    A Japanese Games inevitably meant great interest in Judo. It hardly needs saying that it is a sport that many connect with Japan, and many home supporters expected to see gold medals won by their athletes. Not least in the category considered by many in Tokyo to be the highest profile in the 1964 Games – the open category. It was the first gold medal of the Games, but, to the shock of many, it was not won by a Japanese competitor, but instead by a European - Anton Geesink of the Netherlands.
    13 Oct 1964 | Tokyo 1964, Judo, Netherlands
  • News | Tokyo 1964

    Prozumenshchikova becomes Soviet swimming heroine

    The Soviet Union's first gold medal in swimming came from a youthful source - Galina Prozumenshchikova was just 15 years old but her victory in the 200m breaststroke made her a national star. In fact, she was the first swimmer to become a celebrity in her country.
    12 Oct 1964 | Tokyo 1964, Swimming
  • News | Tokyo 1964

    Endo the star as Japanese gymnasts steal the show

    At any Olympic Games, there is great attention on the gymnastics, and every host nation hopes to have a home hero to cheer on. In Tokyo, that meant a great focus on Yukio Endo, Japan’s foremost gymnast – the fulcrum of attention for both the individual and team events. The question was whether he would thrive or buckle under the pressure – the answer, emphatically, was to revel in the limelight and produce the performances of his life.
    01 Oct 1964 | Tokyo 1964, Gymnastics, Japan
  • News | Tokyo 1964

    Latynina signs off with six gymnastics medals

    The Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina arrived in Helsinki with a considerable burden on her slender shoulders. The world expected her to set records that would stand for many years, and she did not disappoint. Until Michael Phelps came along, Latynina had enjoyed the most lucrative Olympic career in history.
    01 Oct 1964 | Tokyo 1964, Gymnastics
  • News | Rome 1960

    Thompson steams across the line in 50km walk

    As a youngster Don Thompson had been a keen runner, but an injury to his Achilles tendon halted his progress. Instead, he turned to the sport of walking, and soon found that he was a natural.
    07 Sep 1960 | Rome 1960
  • News | Rome 1960

    Clay strikes first blow in unparalleled boxing career

    These were the Games where one of the all-time sporting greats took his first steps on the international stage. A young boxer called Cassius Clay came to Rome intent on winning a gold medal, and left having taken a huge step towards becoming one of the most iconic figures in the history of sport.
    05 Sep 1960 | Rome 1960
  • News | Squaw Valley 1960

    Recknagel jumps into Olympic history

    Ski jumping pioneer Helmut Recknagel was born in 1937 in Steinbach-Hallenberg, in what later became the German Democratic Republic.
    28 Feb 1960 | Squaw Valley 1960, Olympic News, Ski Jumping, Germany
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