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  • News | Paris 1924

    Stenroos marks marathon comeback in style

    Few events conjured as much excitement during the formative years of the modern Olympic Games as the marathon.
    14 Jul 1924 | Paris 1924, Athletics, Finland
  • News | Chamonix 1924

    Winter Games given stamp of approval

    During the Closing Ceremony on 5 February 1924, IOC President Pierre de Coubertin took to the stage to deliver a memorable speech. “Winter sports have about them a certain purity, and that is why I was inclined to support and nurture them in this Olympic environment,” he stated.
    05 Feb 1924 | Chamonix 1924, Closing Ceremony, Olympic News
  • News | Chamonix 1924

    Chamonix Games take shape

    Over the course of just one year, a variety of Olympic facilities were built along the banks of the Arve, the river that carves its way through Chamonix Valley. The circular Olympic rink, which would also serve as the stadium for the Opening Ceremony, had a 27,660m2 skating surface installed, featuring a racing track and a curling sheet, which required prior construction of a concrete flood wall to support the embankment that was preventing the river from bursting its banks. The water pipes were then modified so that a thin layer of water could be sprayed onto the icy surface.
    25 Jan 1924 | Chamonix 1924, Olympic News
  • News | Antwerp 1920

    Antwerp 1920: tug of war and a 72-year-old medallist

    Are you familiar with tug of war? Did you know that only two teams took part in the rugby 15s competition, that the oldest Olympic medallist in history was a 72-year-old Swede or that Brazil already had its first gold medallist 100 years ago? Here are some facts from the great history of the Games.
    17 Apr 1920 | Olympic News, Antwerp 1920, Tug of War, Shooting, Rugby Sevens, Swimming, Weightlifting
  • News | Athens 1896

    Hajos turns tragedy into glory in the water

    Hungarian architecture student Alfréd Hajos was the undisputed star of the swimming events at the 1896 Games. Born Alfréd Guttman and raised in Budapest, his prowess in the water had its roots in tragedy. He determined to become a good swimmer at the age of 13 after his father drowned in the River Danube. He later changed his surname to Hajós which means “sailor” in Hungarian.
    11 Apr 1896 | Athens 1896, Swimming, Hungary
  • News | Athens 1896

    Ace Boland smashes his way to tennis success

    John Pius Boland was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1870. Following the death of his mother, when he was 12, he and his six brothers and sisters were placed under the guardianship of his uncle, Nicholas Donnelly, a Dublin bishop. He was educated at a Catholic school in England, going on to graduate from London University in 1892.
    11 Apr 1896 | Athens 1896, Tennis, Great Britain
  • News | Athens 1896

    Local hero Spyridon Louis earns cult status in marathon

    One of the undoubted highlights of the 1896 Olympics was the first-ever marathon. Conceived by Frenchman Michel Bréal, the race followed the legendary route of Pheidippides, a trained runner who was believed to have been sent from the plain of Marathon to Athens to announce the defeat of an invading Persian army in 490BC. The race, on 10 April, became a highlight of the inaugural Games. And the fact that it was won by Spyridon Louis, a Greek, produced a euphoric reaction in the host country.
    10 Apr 1896 | Athens 1896, Greece, Athletics
  • Men's 73Kg And Women's 63Kg Taekwondo Finals - Highlights | Day 4 | Video

    Men's 73Kg And Women's 63Kg Taekwondo Finals - Highlights | Day 4

    Highlights from Day 4 as Said Guliyev and Kimia Alizadeh Zenoorin win Taekwondo gold medals at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. Men's -73 Kg: Gold - Said Guliyev (AZE) Silver - Hamza Adnan Karim (GER) Bronze - Seif Eissa (EGY) / Danial Salehimehr (IRI) Women's -63Kg: Gold- Kimia Alizadeh Zenoorin (IRI) Silver - Yulia Turutina (RUS) Bronze - Debbie Natalia Yopasa Gomez (COL) / Zhang Chen (CHN)
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