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  • News | Tokyo 1964

    Reluctant star Schollander becomes first four-gold winner

    In recent years, we have become accustomed to the idea of a swimmer winning multiple gold medals, but it wasn’t always recognised as such a possibility. In 1964, the American swimmer Don Schollander became the first Olympic athlete to win four gold medals at a single Games, a feat that was all the greater because the victories were accompanied by three world records and one Olympic record. And all this, despite missing out on his favourite event.
    14 Oct 1964 | Tokyo 1964, Swimming, United States of America
  • News | Rome 1960

    Miracle man Farrell helps US to relay success

    Less than a week before the Olympic trials, American swimmer Jeff Farrell underwent surgery to have his appendix removed. It was a devastating blow which in most people's eyes ruled him out of qualifying for the Games. Surely it would be impossible to recover from such a major operation and then swim to international standards just a few days later?
    01 Sep 1960 | Rome 1960, United States of America, Swimming
  • News | Helsinki 1952

    Consistent Konno wins four medals in four events

    Over two editions of the Olympic Games, US swimmer Ford Konno proved a paragon of consistency, winning four medals in four events, but it was at Helsinki 1952 that he reached his zenith, coming away with two titles and two Olympic records.
    02 Aug 1952 | Helsinki 1952, Olympic News, Swimming, United States of America
  • News | Helsinki 1952

    Boiteux earns gold and a watery embrace from his father

    One of the most memorable moments of Helsinki 1952 was France’s Jean Boiteux winning gold in the men’s 400m freestyle. No sooner had the race ended when a man wearing a beret jumped into the water to embrace the champion. Nobody knew who this jubilant intruder was. The beret suggested they must have been French, but was he a fan, a member of the team, or maybe a relative?
    30 Jul 1952 | Helsinki 1952, BOITEUX, Jean, Olympic News, Swimming, France
  • News | Los Angeles 1932

    Record breaker Miyazaki makes a splash

    The Japanese swimming team arrived at the 1932 Olympics as genuine challengers to the all-conquering USA, who had stormed to six golds at the Amsterdam Games four years earlier.
    09 Aug 1932 | Los Angeles 1932, Japan, Swimming
  • News | Athens 1896

    Hajos turns tragedy into glory in the water

    Hungarian architecture student Alfréd Hajos was the undisputed star of the swimming events at the 1896 Games. Born Alfréd Guttman and raised in Budapest, his prowess in the water had its roots in tragedy. He determined to become a good swimmer at the age of 13 after his father drowned in the River Danube. He later changed his surname to Hajós which means “sailor” in Hungarian.
    11 Apr 1896 | Athens 1896, Swimming, Hungary
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