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  • News | Mexico 1968

    Keino triumphs in 1,500m to signal dawn of Kenyan greats

    African dominance of distance running started to be seen in Mexico City, where African athletes won at least one medal in every race from 800m onwards. Nowhere did this change become more apparent than in the 1500m.
    20 Oct 1968 | Mexico 1968
  • News | Mexico 1968

    Manning makes her mark in the women's 800m

    The favourite for the women's 800m was clearly Vera Nikolić of Yugoslavia. She held the World Record and won her first round race with ease. But in her semi-final, Nikolic pulled out after 300m for no obvious reason.
    19 Oct 1968 | Mexico 1968
  • News | Mexico 1968

    Evans leads US clean sweep of 400m

    Rarely has a nation dominated an event in the way that the USA dominated the 400m at this time.
    18 Oct 1968 | Mexico 1968
  • News | Mexico 1968

    Beamon leaps into the record books

    The long jump in Mexico featured an outstanding field. All three medallists from the 1964 Games had returned, along with strong challengers from East Germany, Australia and the Soviet Union. The narrow favourite, though, was another newcomer – the American Bob Beamon, from New York.
    18 Oct 1968 | Mexico 1968, BEAMON, Bob
  • News | Grenoble 1968

    Magnificent Magnar powers to biathlon gold

    It was no surprise that athletes from Norway and the Soviet Union were on top in the biathlon competitions, but there was a significant new rule – missing a target would now incur an athlete a one-minute penalty. It was a ruling that was to have a big impact on the competition in Grenoble.
    12 Feb 1968 | Grenoble 1968, Biathlon, Norway
  • News | Tokyo 1964

    Kriss marches on to beat Hoskyns in epee

    The men’s epee had a dramatic final between Grigory Kriss, of the Soviet Union, and Great Britain’s Henry Hoskyns, two athletes whose paths to the Olympic Games were a complete contrast.
    15 Oct 1964 | Tokyo 1964, Fencing
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