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  • News | Berlin 1936

    From horse-racer to speech writer: Jesse Owens’ life after the Olympic Games

    Jesse Owens returned home from the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games with four gold medals but no guarantees for his future prosperity. From working at a petrol station to racing against amateurs for cash, he endured many tough times, but eventually the man from Alabama reaped some reward for his brilliance and bravery.
    31 Mar 1980 | Berlin 1936, Athletics, Olympic News, OWENS, Jesse
  • News | Lake Placid 1980

    Wehling takes a huge leap into the history books

    Ulrich Wehling raced and leapt his way into the history books at Lake Placid by becoming the only competitor ever to win three consecutive gold medals in the Nordic Combined competition. At the 1980 Games the event consisted of a 70m ski jump competition, followed by a 15km cross-country race across Mount van Hoevenberg.
    16 Feb 1980 | Lake Placid 1980, Nordic Combined, German Democratic Republic
  • News | Lake Placid 1980

    US ice hockey rookies conjure up a Miracle on Ice

    Between 1952 and 1992 the Soviet ice hockey team enjoyed a near monopoly on Olympic success. The only nation to break its grip on the competition was its then Cold War rival, the USA – which most notably pulled off what came to be known as the Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Lake Placid Games. 
    02 Feb 1980 | Olympic News, Lake Placid 1980, Ice Hockey, Men, United States of America
  • News | Olympic News

    Bill Koch - Cross country skiing

    American cross-country skier Bill Koch exemplified the amateur ethos when he arrived in Innsbruck for the 1976 Winter Games, telling reporters that he wasn’t interested in winning medals but was racing to satisfy himself. He managed both.
    02 Feb 1980 | Olympic News
  • News | Lake Placid 1980

    Olympic obsession pays off for ruthless Schärer in the bob

    Any Olympic athlete will admit that to win gold takes a certain amount of ruthlessness, whether it be sticking rigidly to a training regime at the expense of one’s personal life or setting aside friendships with rivals once competition is underway.
    02 Feb 1980 | Lake Placid 1980, Bobsleigh, Switzerland
  • News | Montreal 1976

    Polish underdogs capture famous title - Volleyball

    Montreal 1976 was only the fourth edition of the Games to feature volleyball and the competition delivered possibly the most exciting tournament seen the sport had witnessed.
    30 Jul 1976 | Montreal 1976
  • News | Montreal 1976

    Ryon storms to gold on big stage bow - Archery

    When Luann Ryon opted to choose the bow and arrow rather than racket and ball to pursue her Olympic dream, it was to prove tennis’ loss and archery’s gain.
    30 Jul 1976 | Montreal 1976
  • News | Innsbruck 1976

    Günther becomes luge's youngest champion

    Fearless luger Dettlef Günther became the sport’s youngest gold medallist in Olympic history when he took the men’s individual title at the 1976 Winter Games.
    11 Feb 1976 | Innsbruck 1976, Luge, Olympic News
  • News | Innsbruck 1976

    Smetanina launches Olympic odyssey with double cross country gold

    Perhaps fittingly for a cross-country skier, Raisa Smetanina’s journey to sporting greatness was lengthy and gruelling – but it remains almost unsurpassed in the annals of the Olympic Winter Games. And it all began in Innsbruck in 1976.
    10 Feb 1976 | Innsbruck 1976, Cross Country Skiing, Olympic News
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