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  • Fans at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

    Fans at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

    Deborah Phelps (R), mother of Michael Phelps, and partner Nicole Johnson (C) with their son Boomer celebrate gold in the Final of the Men's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay on Day 2 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium on 7th August, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    Saturday, August 6, 2016 10:00 PM | Photo
  • WAAAA049


    Los Angeles 1932-Swimming-100m freestyle-MADISON Helene (USA) 1st.
    Thursday, December 31, 1931 11:00 PM | Photo
  • Johnny Weissmuller (USA)

    Johnny Weissmuller (USA)

    A part of Hollywood legend for his role as Tarzan, Johnny Weissmuller was nonetheless an accomplished swimmer. At the Paris 1924 Games, he won gold in the 100m freestyle, 400m freestyle and 4x200m freestyle relay. We see him here after his 400m freestyle surrounded by his fellow medal-winners, Sweden’s Arne Borg (2nd, on the right) and the USA’s Andrew Charlton (3rd, on the left) ©IOC
    Monday, January 4, 2010 12:02 PM | Photo
  • Mark Spitz (USA)

    Mark Spitz (USA)

    American swimmer Mark Spitz on the top step of the podium for the 100m butterfly. In all, Spitz won no fewer than seven gold medals at the Olympic Games in Munich: in the 100m butterfly, 200m butterfly, 100m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle relay, 4x100m medley and the 4x200m freestyle relay. Mark Spitz held the record for the largest number of gold medals won at a single edition of the Games for 36 years. ©Keystone
    Tuesday, January 5, 2010 9:55 AM | Photo
  • Shane Gould (AUS)

    Shane Gould (AUS)

    Fifteen year-old Australian swimmer Shane Gould was one of the stars of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. She won a total of five medals: gold in the 200m freestyle, 200m relay and 400m freestyle; silver in the 800m freestyle; and bronze in the 100m freestyle ©IOC
    Tuesday, January 5, 2010 9:57 AM | Photo
  • Olympic Games Dawn Fraser

    Olympic Games Dawn Fraser

    1964: Dawn Fraser of Australia wins the 100m Freestyle Final at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. \ Mandatory Credit: Allsport UK /Allsport
    Tuesday, December 31, 1963 11:00 PM | Photo
  • 1972 Olympic Games

    1972 Olympic Games

    MUNICH, GERMANY: Portrait of Shane Gould from Australia, taken during a training session at the Munich Olympic Games, August 1972. Gould was the heroine of the Australian team as she set out to win five individual gold medals. She won golds in the 200m and 400m freestyle and 200m individual medley -all in world record times-, silver in the 800m freestyle and bronze in the 100m freestyle. In the 400m, she stormed home more than 3 seconds in front of the runner-up, Novella Calligaris of Italy. (Photo by Tony Duffy/Getty Images)
    Monday, July 31, 1972 10:00 PM | Photo
  • AAAGA012


    Amsterdam 1928-Athletics-100m-The athletes getting ready.
    Saturday, December 31, 1927 11:00 PM | Photo
  • RAAEE027


    Athens 1896-Athletics-100m-In the 2nd lane from the left, BURKE Thomas (USA) 1st.
    Tuesday, December 31, 1895 11:00 PM | Photo
  • Freestyle Skiing - Ladies’ Ski Slopestyle

    Freestyle Skiing - Ladies’ Ski Slopestyle

    Mathilde Gremaud of Switzerland wins the silver medal during the Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Ski Slopestyle on Day 8 of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at Pheonix Snow Park on February 17, 2018 in Pyeongchang-gun, Republic of Korea.
    Saturday, February 17, 2018 9:31 AM | Photo
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