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    The Olympic Multimedia Library

    Contains 400.000 photos, 33.000 hours of video, 2.000 archive documents, 8.500 hours of sound recordings and 20.000 Olympic Museum objects. Access is granted for a period of three months to university professors, researchers and students undertaking an Olympic and/or sport related academic activity.
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    Olympic Review - All issues

    Olympic Review Magazine is the official publication of the Olympic Movement. First published in 1894, the year of the founding of the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Review is now an 84 page, full-colour quarterly produced in English, French and Spanish. It features news, interviews and in-depth features on subjects that matter to Olympic enthusiasts.
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    Calgary 1988

    The “XV Olympic Winter Games official report” is a well-structured work that is rich in content. It was published by OCO’88 as a bilingual French/English edition of over 700 pages.
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    Sarajevo 1984

    The “Final report Sarajevo'84” is a fairly modest official report which does, however, contain the main pieces of useful information, available as a trilingual French, English and Serbo-Croat edition.
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    Cortina d'Ampezzo 1956

    Cortina d’Ampezzo 1956  Published by the Italian Olympic Committee in 1957, the “VII Olympic Winter Games, Cortina d'Ampezzo, 1956: official report” is extremely rich. It consists of one bilingual Italian/English volume of almost 800 pages.
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    Los Angeles 1932

    The official report “The Games of the Xth Olympiad Los Angeles 1932” was produced only in English, in the form of a single volume with over 800 pages. The quality was excellent, and it was the first such report to include colour illustrations. It exists with three different types of binding.
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    Paris 1900

    The Organising Committee for the Games in Paris, where the sports competitions took place as part of the Universal Exhibition, did not publish an official report. Rather, it is the work “Concours internationaux d’exercices physiques et de sports” by Daniel Mérillon which is regarded as the official report on the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris. Published in French between 1901 and 1902, this very detailed work consists of two volumes and has more than 800 pages.
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