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  • News | Amsterdam 1928

    Swede smell of success for Lundqvist in javelin

    Scandinavian dominance in the javelin has long been the preserve of the Finns yet at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam it was an agile Swede who took the plaudits.
    25 May 1928 | Amsterdam 1928, Sweden, Athletics
  • News | Paris 1924

    Multitalented Osborn wins unique double gold

    The 1924 Olympic Games held in Paris are probably best remembered for two things; the exploits of the athletes marked in the Oscar-winning film Chariots of Fire, and the breathtaking achievements of Finnish running machine Paavo Nurmi. Yet one all-round American athlete could have rightly left the Games thinking he had made the most indelible mark on events in the Olympic Stadium.
    12 Jul 1924 | Paris 1924, Athletics, United States of America
  • News | Paris 1924

    Myyra proves a class above in the javelin

    Look back at some of the competitors from the Olympic Games from the 1920s and 1930s, and the passage of time does not flatter. Some athletes can look pedestrian against the ultra-trained competitors of today, but the throwing action of Jonni Myyra would have been a class act in any generation.  
    10 Jul 1924 | Paris 1924, Athletics, Finland
  • News | Paris 1924

    Houser throws his weight around to seal double gold

    There are some landmarks in the Olympic annals that the passage of time and the development of sport render a repeat almost unthinkable.  
    05 Jul 1924 | Paris 1924, Athletics, United States of America
  • News | Stockholm 1912

    Hands-on Taipale wins double discus gold

    Olympic debutant Armas Taipale was another outstanding Finnish athlete to prosper in Stockholm, winning two gold medals in the discus events.
    12 Jul 1912 | Stockholm 1912, Olympic News, Athletics, Finland
  • News | Stockholm 1912

    Thorpe conquers all to become first great all-round Olympian

    Jim Thorpe is now widely acknowledged as one of the most talented all-round athletes of the 20th century. His successes in Stockholm were clouded in controversy for many years, but they can now be enjoyed for the superb pieces of sporting achievement that they were.
    07 Jul 1912 | Stockholm 1912, Olympic News, United States of America, Athletics
  • News | London 1908

    All-rounder Sheridan triumphs in long jump and discus

    The Irish-born Martin Sheridan was described by the New York Times as “one of the greatest athletes this country has ever known” upon his untimely death from pneumonia in 1918, and his feats in London certainly attested to that.
    16 Jul 1908 | London 1908, Ireland, discus throw ancient style
  • News | Athens 1896

    Hajos turns tragedy into glory in the water

    Hungarian architecture student Alfréd Hajos was the undisputed star of the swimming events at the 1896 Games. Born Alfréd Guttman and raised in Budapest, his prowess in the water had its roots in tragedy. He determined to become a good swimmer at the age of 13 after his father drowned in the River Danube. He later changed his surname to Hajós which means “sailor” in Hungarian.
    11 Apr 1896 | Athens 1896, Swimming, Hungary
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