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  • London 1908 | Summer Games

    London 1908

    27 Apr - 31 Oct | 2008 | 22 | 110
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    London 1908

    Organised for the third time as part of an international exhibition, the Games of the IV Olympiad held in London in 1908 had grown. The Organising Committee subsequently published “The Fourth Olympiad: being the Official Report of the Olympic Games of 1908 celebrated in London”, which may be regarded as the first official report on the Games. Indeed, both its form and content already met most of today’s requirements. It consisted of one volume in English.
  • News | London 1908

    Tennis galore in London in 1908

    For the first time, there were two tennis tournaments at the 1908 Games in London: the first on an indoor wooden court at the Queen's Club, from 6 to 11 May, and the second on the grass of Wimbledon exactly two months later, from 6 to 11 July, finishing today 111 years ago. While Major Ritchie occupied every step of the podium on both surfaces, and Arthur Gore won the men’s indoor singles and doubles titles, Dorothea Lambert Chambers added Olympic gold to an exceptional career on grass.
    11 Jul 2019 | Olympic News, Tennis, London 1908
  • Winner’s medal London 1908

    Winner’s medal London 1908

    Obverse of the London 1908 Games medal, featuring a representation of two female figures crowning a victorious athlete and the inscription “Olympic Games / London 1908” ©IOC
    Monday, January 4, 2010 9:51 AM | Photo
  • Summer Games London 1908 Medal

    Summer Games London 1908 Medal

    On the obverse, two female figures placing a laurel crown on the head of a young victorious athlete, with, in the bottom half, the inscription “OLYMPIC GAMES LONDON 1908". On the reverse, the figure of St George, patron saint of England. Legend says that he was a fighting saint who slew a dragon to free a princess.
    Monday, April 27, 1908 11:30 AM | Photo
  • London 2012 | Summer Games

    London 2012

    27 Jul - 12 Aug | 10568 | 204 | 302
  • London 1908 Olympic Games legacy

    London 1908 Olympic Games legacy

    The finish line for the rowing events of the 1908 London Olympic Games in Henley-on-Thames
    Wednesday, July 25, 2012 2:00 PM | Photo
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