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  • Lake Placid 1932 -1980 Legacy | Video

    Lake Placid 1932 -1980 Legacy

    “In 1932 the Winter Games came to America for the first time, to Lake Placid. A multipurpose Olympic Centre was built specifically for the Games – the first indoor arena ever used for the Winter Olympics. In 1980, the Olympic Games focused the world’s attention once again on Lake Placid. In the original 1932 Olympic Centre, the US men’s hockey team defeated the heavily favored Soviet Union in a match that became known as the "Miracle on Ice”. But the legacy of the 1980 Games could well have been limited to some great memories and short-term improvements in infrastructure, if not for the creation of the Olympic Regional Delivery Authority in 1981. This organisation was set up to manage and promote the sports facilities used to host the 1980 Games, and has created an ongoing legacy that has reshaped the region’s economy. Since then, Lake Placid has hosted an impressive 11 World Championships, and 60 World Cup events. The continual enhancement of the Olympic facilities has ensured that the Olympic legacy not only lives on but is built upon.”
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