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  • American Duo Claims Beach Volleyball Olympic Title | Video

    American Duo Claims Beach Volleyball Olympic Title

    Americans Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers receive the men's beach volleyball gold medal, becoming Olympic champions for the first time. Dalhausser and Rogers went on to win in two sets against the Brazilian pair, Fabio Luiz and Marcio Aurajo who settle for silver. Ricardo Santos and Emmanuel Rego of Brazil, take the bronze medal home. Beach Volleyball Men's Medal Ceremony - Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics - USA, BRA, BRA
  • Upset At All-Brazil Semifinal | Video

    Upset At All-Brazil Semifinal

    Defending Olympic champions Ricardo and Emanuel take on Brazilian compatriots Araujo and Fabio Luiz for the right to play for beach volleyball gold. In a close first set, the challengers edge Ricardo and Emanuel 22-20. In the second set, Araujo and Luiz maintain their advantage and upend the champions 21-18 for a chance to claim the gold medal against the USA. Beach Volleyball Men Semifinal - Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics - Araujo - Fabio Luiz (BRA) vs Ricardo - Emanuel (BRA)
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