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Sarajevo 1984, Vučko IOC





The 1984 Winter Games mascot came in the guise of a wolf, an animal typically found in the forests of the Dinaric Alps region. Through his smiling, frightened or serious facial expressions, Vučko gave the wolf a rather friendly appearance and even helped to change the usually ferocious image of this animal.


Jože Trobec

Did you know?

The mascot was chosen through a contest entered by 836 participants. After an initial selection, six projects were chosen, then submitted to a vote by readers of various newspapers and magazines. It was the wolf by Slovenian painter Trobec who triumphed easily over the other finalists: a snowball, a mountain goat, a weasel, a lamb and a hedgehog.

The wolf is a prominent figure in Yugoslavian fables: he embodies courage and strength and symbolises winter.

Vučko was the hero of a cartoon created by Nedeljko Dragic, published in several daily and weekly Yugoslavian newspapers.

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