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Ireen WUST
Birth Date:  01 Apr 1986
Age:  31
Gender:   Female
Height (cm):  168
Weight (Kg):  60

Ireen WUST - Schedule

Start Time Event Status
Sat, 10 Feb 20:00
Ladies' 3,000m
Mon, 12 Feb 21:30
Ladies' 1,500m
Wed, 14 Feb 19:00
Ladies' 1,000m
Mon, 19 Feb 20:00
Ladies' Team Pursuit Quarterfinals
Wed, 21 Feb 20:00
Ladies' Team Pursuit Semifinal 1
United States of America
Wed, 21 Feb 21:58
Ladies' Team Pursuit Final A

Biographical Information

Highlights Olympic Winter Games
YearLocation1,000m1,500m3,000m5,000mTeam Pursuit
2014Sochi, RUS2nd (1:14.69)2nd (1:54.09)1st (4:00.34)2nd (6:54.28)1st (2:58.05)
2010Vancouver, BC, CAN8th (1:17.28)1st (1:56.89)7th (4:08.09)-6th (3:02.04)
2006Turin, ITA4th (1:16.39)3rd (1:56.90)1st (4:02.43)-6th (3:05.62)

World Single Distances Championships
YearLocation1,000m1,500m3,000m5,000mTeam Pursuit
2017Gangneung, KOR-2nd (1:54.19)1st (3:59.05)-1st (2:55.85)
2016Kolomna, RUS6th (1:15.71)4th (1:55.93)2nd (4:03.13)-1st (2:58.12)
2015Heerenveen, NED4th (1:15.50)2nd (1:54.76)2nd (4:03.46)-2nd (3:01.55)
2013Sochi, RUS2nd (1:15.72)1st (1:55.38)1st (4:02.43)2nd (7:02.96)1st (3:00.02)
2012Heerenveen, NED5th (1:16.33)2nd (1:56.40)3rd (4:04.87)-1st (2:59.70)
2011Inzell, GER2nd (1:15.42)1st (1:54.80)1st (4:01.56)-2nd (3:00.43)
2009Richmond, BC, CAN-2nd (1:58.83)--2nd (3:02.02)
2008Nagano, JPN9th (1:17.29)7th (1:59.50)--1st (3:02.19)
2007Salt Lake City, UT, USA1st (1:13.83)1st (1:52.71)5th (3:59.74)-2nd (2:59.18)

World Allround Championships
YearLocationSmall Combination
2017Hamar, NOR1st (160.020)
2016Berlin, GER2nd (159.732)
2015Calgary, AB, CAN2nd (159.278)
2014Heerenveen, NED1st (158.615)
2013Hamar, NOR1st (161.530)
2012Moscow, RUS1st (161.050)
2011Calgary, AB, CAN1st (157.313)
2010Heerenveen, NED3rd (162.106)
2009Hamar, NOR3rd (163.639)
2008Berlin, GER2nd (162.533)
2007Heerenveen, NED1st (158.662)

World Sprint Championships
YearLocationSprint Combination
2007Hamar, NOR2nd (152.995)

World Cup Rankings overview - All rankings from 2014/2015, top three for earlier seasons

World Cup overview - Best rank per season and event since 2014/2015
Year1,000m1,500m3,000mTeam Pursuit
2017/20181 x 4th1 x 1st1 x 3rd1 x 2nd
2016/20172 x 5th2 x 1st1 x 1st1 x 1st
2015/2016-1 x 4th1 x 2nd1 x 2nd
2014/20151 x 2nd2 x 1st2 x 1st2 x 1st

World Cup - Ten best performances in current season
12017/20181,500mErfurt, GER1:55.66
22017/2018Team PursuitHeerenveen, NED2:59.06
32017/20183,000mCalgary, AB, CAN3:58.10
42017/20181,000mErfurt, GER1:16.22
42017/20181,500mCalgary, AB, CAN1:53.89
42017/20181,500mHeerenveen, NED1:56.83
62017/20183,000mHeerenveen, NED4:05.54
112017/20181,000mHeerenveen, NED1:16.10
142017/20181,000mStavanger, NOR1:16.73

European Allround Championships
YearLocationSmall Combination
2017Heerenveen, NED1st (161.125)
2016Minsk, BLR2nd (163.188)
2015Chelyabinsk, RUS1st (161.734)
2014Hamar, NOR1st (159.736)
2013Heerenveen, NED1st (160.889)
2012Budapest, HUN3rd (172.454)
2011Collalbo, ITA2nd (166.463)
2010Hamar, NOR2nd (164.204)
2008Kolomna, RUS1st (160.533)
2007Collalbo, ITA2nd (162.977)
2006Hamar, NOR3rd (163.849)

MS - Mass Start, TSP - Team Sprint, MC - Mini Combination, DNF - Did Not Finish, DNS - Did Not Start, DSQ - Disqualified
Nickname GI Ireen, Leen, Pipo, Wuust (, 25 May 2005)
Hobbies Music. (Facebook page, 07 Oct 2017)
Occupation Athlete
Languages spoken Dutch, English, German
Coach Rutger Tijssen [club], NED (, 29 Sep 2017)
Injuries A concussion meant she missed the first four World Cup events of the 2015/16 season. (, 07 Jan 2016)

Her preparation for the 2010/11 season was disrupted by an operation to remove a benign tumour on her ovaries in September 2010. (, 31 Mar 2011)
Start She began skating in 1998 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2017)
Reason She followed her father into the sport. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2017)
Memorable Achievement Competing at the Olympic Winter Games in 2006, 2010 and 2014. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2017)
Hero Dutch speed skater Rintje Ritsma. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2017)
Influence Dutch speed skater Gerard Kemkers. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2017)
Philosophy "Go hard or die." (Athlete, 28 Jan 2017)
Awards She was voted the 2006 Dutch Sportswoman of the Year. (, 16 Mar 2011;, 22 Dec 2006)

She has an ice rink named after her in the town of Tilburg, Netherlands. (Facebook page, 01 Mar 2016)

She has been named Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion. (Facebook page, 07 Oct 2017)
Additional information General
Her gold medal in the 1500m at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, meant that she became the first athlete, female or male, in any sport to win at least one individual gold at four editions of the Olympic Winter Games. Her gold medal in the 1500m in Pyeongchang also made her the first athlete from the Netherlands to win five Olympic titles at either the summer or winter editions of the Games. At the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin she became the youngest Dutch athlete from any sport to win a gold medal at the Olympic Winter Games, when she triumphed in the 3000m event at age 19 years and 317 days. (OIS, 13 Feb 2018; SportsDeskOnline, 19 Jan 2018)

She was the inspiration for a children's book called 'Marieke Martino, the granddaughter of King Stracciatella', which was published in 2010. (, 31 Mar 2011;, 07 Jul 2008)

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