Athlete Profile - Meagan DUHAMEL

Birth Date:  08 Dec 1985
Age:  32
Gender:   Female

Meagan DUHAMEL - Schedule

Start Time Event Status
Fri, 9 Feb 10:00
Team Event Men Single Skating Short Program
Fri, 9 Feb 11:45
Team Event Pair Skating Short Program
Sun, 11 Feb 10:00
Team Event Ice Dance Short Dance
Sun, 11 Feb 11:45
Team Event Ladies Single Skating Short Program
Sun, 11 Feb 13:40
Team Event Pair Skating Free Skating
Mon, 12 Feb 10:00
Team Event Men Single Skating Free Skating
Mon, 12 Feb 11:10
Team Event Ladies Single Skating Free Skating
Mon, 12 Feb 12:20
Team Event Ice Dance Free Dance
Wed, 14 Feb 10:00
Pair Skating Short Program
Thu, 15 Feb 10:30
Pair Skating Free Skating

Biographical Information

Highlights Olympic Winter Games
2Team Event2014Sochi, RUS
7Pair Skating2014Sochi, RUS

World Championships
1Pair Skating2016Boston, MA, USA
1Pair Skating2015Shanghai, CHN
3Pair Skating2014Saitama, JPN
3Pair Skating2013London, ON, CAN
5Pair Skating2012Nice, FRA
6Pair Skating2008Gothenburg, SWE
7Pair Skating2017Helsinki, FIN
7Pair Skating2011Moscow, RUS
8Pair Skating2009Los Angeles, CA, USA

World Team Trophy
2Team Event2013Tokyo, JPN
3Team Event2012Tokyo, JPN
4Team Event2015Tokyo, JPN

Four Continents Championships
1Pair Skating2015Seoul, KOR
1Pair Skating2013Osaka, JPN
2Pair Skating2017Gangneung, KOR
2Pair Skating2011Taipei, TPE
3Pair Skating2010Jeonju, KOR
WDPair Skating2016Taipei, TPE

Grand Prix Final
1Pair Skating2014/2015Barcelona, ESP
2Pair Skating2015/2016Barcelona, ESP
3Pair Skating2017/2018Nagoya, JPN
3Pair Skating2016/2017Marseille, FRA

Grand Prix overview - Best rank per season and event since 2014/2015
2017/20181 x 1st
2016/20172 x 1st
2015/20162 x 1st
2014/20152 x 1st

Grand Prix - Ten best performances since 2014/2015
12017/2018Pair SkatingSkate CanadaRegina, SK, CAN
12016/2017Pair SkatingNHK TrophySapporo, JPN
12016/2017Pair SkatingSkate CanadaMississauga, ON, CAN
12015/2016Pair SkatingNHK TrophyNagano, JPN
12015/2016Pair SkatingSkate CanadaLethbridge, AB, CAN
12014/2015Pair SkatingNHK TrophyOsaka, JPN
12014/2015Pair SkatingSkate CanadaKelowna, BC, CAN
32017/2018Pair SkatingSkate AmericaLake Placid, NY, USA
Nickname Meg (, 2009)
Hobbies Yoga, tennis, kayaking, baking. (, 09 Dec 2017)
Occupation Athlete, Nutritionist
Education Natural Health Studies, Nutrition
Family Husband Bruno Marcotte
Languages spoken English
Club name CPA Saint-Leonard [Quebec, QC, CAN]
Coach John Zimmermann, USA; Bruno Marcotte [husband], CAN (, 25 Oct 2017;, 17 Jan 2018)
Sporting/Famous relatives Her older sister Heather competed in figure skating at the 1999 Canadian Championships. Her husband Bruno Marcotte has worked as her coach. (, 25 Oct 2017; NOC Media Guide, 2014;, 2013)
Injuries A stomach virus forced her to withdraw from the 2016 Four Continents Championships in Taipei City, Chinese Taipei. (, 20 Feb 2016)
Choreographer John Kerr; Julie Marcotte, CAN (, 17 Jan 2018)
Start She began skating in 1988. (, 17 Jan 2018)
Reason "Skating is in my blood. My dad coached hockey, as well as played hockey with his brothers and my grandfather. My sister and brother skated, my aunt coached figure skating and all my cousins were either learning to skate or playing hockey. It was just natural for me." (ISU, 15 Nov 2008;, 2013)
Ambition To compete at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. (Facebook page, 18 Jan 2018;, 25 Oct 2017)
Training She trains 35 hours a week in Montreal, QC, Canada, during both the high and low season. (, 17 Jan 2018)
Hero Canadian figure skater Jennifer Robinson, Chinese figure skaters Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo. (, 09 Dec 2008)
Philosophy "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." (, 09 Dec 2017)
Additional information Music
Short program as of 2017/18 season
With Or Without You by U2 performed by April Meservy ft. Aaron Edson

Free skating as of 2017/18 season
Hometown Glory by Adele (, 17 Jan 2018;, 11 Jan 2018)

In December 2017 she and partner Eric Radford decided to change their free skating music to 'Hometown Glory' by Adele. The decision to change music came about as they were skating at the Stars on Ice event in the People's Republic of China, where they saw Russian skater Ekaterina Gordeeva performing to the song. "Maybe it was complete fate that we ended up in China and skating right after Ekaterina. Of course, we want to go to the Olympics and have this beautiful moment, and when I listen to this music, and I think about the soothing quality of this program, I feel how I want to feel at the Olympics. We came to the conclusion that this type of emotional passionate programs are what we do best," Duhamel said. (, 11 Jan 2018)

She became a vegan in 2008 after reading a book called 'Skinny Bitch', written by Rory Freeman and Kim Barnouin. Since then, health and nutrition has become a passion for her. She set up an online blog called where she promotes health and wellness through food. "My skin is better. I feel more energised all the time. I never feel bloated after I eat. I just feel satisfied all around. I've naturally become a more compassionate person towards everything - animals and people." (, 02 Jan 2018;, 2013)

She has known that she wanted to be a competitive figure skater since she was a child after watching the 1994 Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer, and after seeing US figure skater Tara Lipinski at the Games in Nagano in 1998. "I remember watching VHS tapes of figure skating in the early 1990s and doing Kurt Browning's routine in my living room, pretending it was me at the world championships. I told everyone I knew that one day I would go to the Olympics." (, 09 Dec 2017;, 2013)

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