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Education - Awareness-raising

The IOC has several educational tools in place to raise athletes’ awareness of the risk of competition manipulation and related corruption. The following resources are freely available to everyone:

Athletes e-learning IOC
  • The IOC Integrity E-learning course for athletes, launched ahead of Rio 2016, is built around the 4 core messages of the Play Fair Code of Conduct. The course is interactive and lasts about 10 minutes. It is available in 10 languages. Test your knowledge and have a look at:

    Have a look at:

Have a look at the IOC PlayFair workshop organised for the athletes of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing to protect the integrity of sport.

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Raising awareness among Olympic stakeholders and partners

The IOC regularly organises meetings, seminars and workshops for a range of stakeholders (governments, international organisations, betting operators and the sports movement). The aim is to raise awareness, share best practices and define what is needed to ensure the credibility of sport through appropriate risk assessment and risk management.

Every two years, the IOC organises the International Forum on Sports Integrity (IFSI). For more information, have a look at the related IOC press release: IFSI 2015.

INTERPOL-IOC Integrity in Sport Global Capacity Building and Training

In 2014, the IOC signed an agreement with the International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL) in order to assist in the protection of sports integrity and security and to establish ‘educational, informative and awareness-raising initiatives’. An INTERPOL-IOC Integrity in Sport Global Capacity Building and Training Programme was launched in 2015 for governments, law enforcement, sports organisations, and other stakeholders.

National Olympic Committees interested in having such Capacity Building Workshops conducted in their countries, please contact

Regional/National Multi-Stakeholder Integrity in Sport Workshops

These Workshops aim to initiate and foster collaboration between public authorities (including Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Sport), law enforcement, the NOC and national sports federations, the betting industry and other actors involved in preventing the infiltration of crime into sport. National Workshops are one day gatherings for approximately 80 participants. The Workshops seek to identify current gaps in national and regional processes in dealing with competition manipulation, to share good practice from other jurisdictions and to elaborate an appropriate national framework to protect the integrity of sport.

National Workshops:

16 October 2015 Peru
31 May 2016 Brazil
20 October 2016 Argentina
1 December 2016 Ukraine

National Integrity in Sport Partnership Development Meetings (PDMs)

PDMs are organised in countries who have already adopted a strong regulatory framework in relation to competition manipulation. The Meetings aim to bring together approximately 20 key decision makers for the purpose of refining a national coordinated framework to prevent competition manipulation and draft an action plan for each stakeholder. A PDM is a 1 day meeting involving public authorities (including Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Sport), law enforcement, the National Olympic Committee and national sports federations, the betting industry and other actors.


16 June 2015 Norway
22 April 2016 Belgium

Integrity in Sport Train the Trainers Workshops

Train the Trainer Workshops prepare sports coaches and trainers to plan and deliver a training session on integrity in sport for athletes and officials. The 1 day training involves approximately 20 coaches and helps to ensure that national sports organisations are prepared with appropriate regulations and tools to educate and train athletes and officials to recognise, resist, and report attempts of competition manipulation and other threats to the integrity of sport.

Train the Trainers courses:

11 November 2015 Canada
29 September 2016 Croatia
21 October 2016 Argentina

Sport Fact-Finders and Law Enforcement Investigators Trainings

Sport Fact-Finders’ Trainings have been developed to better prepare persons tasked with establishing the facts in relation to reports or suspicions of cases of competition manipulation within sports organisations to be able to conduct an effective inquiry and present the results for consideration by a disciplinary panel. Two day courses are delivered in small groups of approximately 16 people.

Sport Fact-Finders Trainings:

16-18 September 2015 Netherlands: for all national sports federations of the Netherlands
13-14 June 2016 Switzerland: for all international Olympic sports federations

Law Enforcement Investigators Trainings aim to better prepare Law Enforcement officials to investigate alleged cases of competition manipulation both in their national jurisdiction and in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies. Two day courses are delivered in small groups of approximately 16 people.

Law Enforcement Investigators Trainings:

2-3 June 2016 Brazil: for Brazilian Law Enforcement Investigators
26-27 January 2017 Italy: for Law Enforcement Investigators from Italy, Malta, San Marino, Hungary, Albania, Macedonia and Switzerland.

(only available in English)

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