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Winter Games Squaw Valley 1960 Medal

On the obverse, the profile of a young woman and, in the background, that of a young man, symbolizing the youth of America and the world. Surrounded by the inscription “VIII OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES”.

The reverse remained sober, with the Olympic rings, with the motto "CITIUS ALTIUS FORTIUS" surrounding the top half. The space in the middle of the bottom half was reserved for the name of the sport, in accordance with the rule of the Olympic Charter in force at that time.
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Squaw Valley 1960-DIVIN Karol (TCH) 2e, JENKINS David (USA) 1e et JACKSON Donald (CAN) 3e on the rostrum.
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Squaw Valley 1960-The american team celebrating its victory.
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Squaw Valley 1960-American soldiers packing down the snow of the ski track.
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Squaw Valley 1960-The Ice-rink.
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Squaw Valley 1960-Match (USA), 1e vs. (URS) 3-2, CHRISTIAN Roger scoring for the USA.

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