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Paris 1924

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Paris 1924-NURMI Paavo (FIN) 1st in 1500 m, 5000 m, team 3000 m, individual and team cross country.
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Paris 1924-cross country-WIDE Edvin (SWE) Nr 746, RITOLA Vilho (FIN) 2nd Nr 329, NURMI Paavo (FIN) 1st
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Paris 1924-OSBORN Harold (USA) 1st.
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Paris 1924-The start. On the right, NURMI Paavo (FIN) 1st.
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Eric Liddell

1924: Scottish athlete Eric Liddell (1902 - 1945) winning the 440 yards race at the Amateur Athletics Association championships. Eric Liddell, known as the 'Flying Scotsman' went to the Paris Olympics in 1924 as the favourite to win the 100 metres race but refused to run because he felt that running on a Sunday conflicted with his Christian beliefs. He won a bronze medal in the 200 metres event instead and then ran the 400 metre race despite having little experience at the distance. He not only won the gold medal but broke the world record by completing the race in 47.6 seconds, an achievement which is celebrated in the 1981 film 'Chariots of Fire'. Liddell gained two degrees, one in science and the other in divinity, before leaving Britain to work as a Scottish Congregational Church missionary in China as his parents had before him. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
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Paris 1924-4 x 100 m relay-MOURLON André and René (FRA) 5th.

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