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6 October 2018  11:35 - 12:15

Plenary Hall

Advances in technology, coupled with changes in demographics and cultural trends, will significantly transform the world of sport over the next decades. From increased access to sports which were previously cost-prohibitive for many to the rise of thrill-seeking, self-expressive “extreme” or “alternative” sports such as kite surfing and sport climbing, the future will impact all facets of sport – athletes, fans, leagues and federations – and will even give rise to new sports. The future will also redefine and challenge the traditional concept of a “sport” and what it means to be an “athlete”. For instance, can esport be considered a sport? Is the world of traditional sport adequately prepared to adapt to these changes?

Moderator: Adnan Nawaz, News Anchor, TRT World, Turkey

  • John Bonini, Vice President of Client Computing Group & General Manager of Esports and Gaming, Intel, United States
  • Leticia Bufoni, Skateboarding World Champion, Brazil
  • Diamil Faye, President, Jappo Sports Entertainment, Senegal
  • Susanne Schödel, Secretary-General, FAI World Air Sports Federation, Switzerland

Moderator and speakers

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