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The IOC is walking the talk on sustainability

The Olympism in Action Forum will not only be a great opportunity to discuss sustainability achievements and challenges within the Olympic Movement. The event itself will be delivered in a way that minimises its environmental footprint and raises participants’ awareness about sustainability.

For the IOC, the Forum is a first pilot event as part of the implementation of ISO 20121 standard on Event Sustainability Management. This management approach will be extended to other IOC institutional events by 2020.

Key sustainability objectives for the Forum are:

  • To favour materials, equipment and food that have a lower environmental footprint and are locally sourced

  • To avoid and minimise waste

  • To minimise the environmental impact of local transport

  • To involve local workforce, stakeholders and youth

  • To minimise and compensate the event’s carbon footprint

  • To raise participants’ awareness of sustainability

To find out more about the IOC’s Sustainability Strategy:

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