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Working Zone 2: 5 October 2018  11:30 - 12:50

Working Zone Friendship

Betting-related match-fixing has manifested itself as a recurrent, complex problem worldwide, transcending national boundaries, sporting disciplines and levels of competition, and involving a wide range of actors, including referees, officials, coaches and athletes. The evolution of new technologies, the “hyper-globalisation” of the betting market, and ineffective regulation have been the main drivers of this surge. The negative impact of betting-related match-fixing on the integrity of sport, as well as betting’s links to gambling addiction and organised crime, have fuelled arguments against the legalisation of sports betting, an ongoing issue. This session will examine the sports betting frameworks that exist, and the work of regulatory and law enforcement entities to prevent match-fixing and organised crime linked to sport.

Facilitator: David Harrison, Senior Investigative Reporter, Al Jazeera International, United Kingdom

Moderator and speakers

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