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Susanne Schödel

Secretary General

ORGANISATION: FAI World Air Sports Federation

Susanne Schödel joined the World Air Sports Federation (FAI) as Secretary General in early 2014.

Since obtaining her glider pilot’s licence at the age of 25, Schödel has perfected her skills to reach the top level in her sport. She is a two-time women’s world champion in gliding and the current world record holder. She has also held a licence for powered planes since 1998. 

In addition to her activities in air sports, Schödel has held several positions in non-profit organisations, gaining wide-ranging knowledge in administrative matters and extensive experience in volunteer work. Moreover, she has deep insight into politics and the public sector, having worked for several years at the Ministry of Social Affairs in Hessen, Germany.

The FAI is strongly committed to the future of air sports, including drone racing, with the first official world championship to be held in November 2018 in Shenzhen, China. Originating from esports, the pilots taking part in drone racing events are highly skilled at combining technology and sport. Drones are pushing the boundaries of technology, and as more drones take to the sky, a highly engaged young generation of air sports enthusiasts is being welcomed into the FAI’s sphere.


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