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Sonali Prasad

Print and Data Journalist

ORGANISATION: Olympic Information Services Photo Project

Sonali Prasad is a journalist and a recurring face of sports journalism across the Olympic Games circuit. Prasad joined the Olympic Movement as a Young Reporter at the Singapore Youth Olympic Games in 2010 and has been involved with the Games ever since.

Prasad began her Olympic reporting career at the Olympic Games London 2012 and the Sochi 2014, and acted as the digital and data head of the Olympic Information Services Photo Project at the Paralympic Games Rio 2016 and PyeongChang 2018. She has covered several editions of the Youth Olympic Games since 2010 and has been a panellist at many IOC conferences exploring the intersection of sport and society, such as Women and Sport and Sport and Environment.

In 2012, Prasad became the youngest member to be appointed to the IOC Press Commission. She was even listed in the "Around The Rings Golden 25 Women" for 2012-13 as one of the most influential women with an impact in the Olympic world.

Prasad will act as a data and digital mentor for the Young Reporters Programme at the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.


The speakers

Using the unique power of sport to bring people together, the Olympism in Action Forum sees a range of global players, including Olympic Movement stakeholders, athletes, private and public sector leaders, NGO representatives, academics, artists and the media come together to talk on topical contemporary issues. Chosen because of their ability to effect change and their wide range of sometimes differing opinions, the speakers will lead lively debates and seek to challenge received wisdom to inspire new ways of thinking.

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