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Pedro Cavazzoni


ORGANISATION: Brazilian Snow Sports Federation

Pedro Cavazzoni has always believed that sport can be a powerful tool to shape character and values. After a brief sports career in futsal, he graduated with a degree in Sports Science from the University of São Paulo and began working at the Brazilian Snow Sports Federation (CBDN), the national sports organisation that manages Olympic and Paralympic snow sports in Brazil.

Meanwhile, Cavazzoni completed a postgraduate programme in sports management from the IOC course Managing Olympic Sport Organisations (MOSO), and finished an MBA Business degree at the FGV - São Paulo School of Business Administration. While completing these programmes, he continued to work at the CBDN, where he was appointed CEO in 2016.

Cavazzoni was named a Young Ambassador for the Innsbruck Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in 2012 and the team leader at the YOG Lillehammer 2016. He also took part in the Olympic Winter Games Sochi and PyeongChang.

Cavazzoni is involved in the IOC’s Young Change-Makers+ project through a partnership with Ski Na Rua, an organisation that encourages education through sport with more than 95 vulnerable youths in São Paulo.


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Using the unique power of sport to bring people together, the Olympism in Action Forum will see a range of global players, including Olympic Movement stakeholders, athletes, private and public sector leaders, NGO representatives, academics, artists and the media come together to talk on topical contemporary issues. Chosen because of their ability to effect change and their wide range of sometimes differing opinions, the speakers will lead lively debates and seek to challenge received wisdom to inspire new ways of thinking.

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