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Marius Vizer


ORGANISATION: International Judo Federation

Marius Vizer has been the President of the International Judo Federation since 2007 and is considered to be the man behind the revolution of judo, an Olympic sport and martial art which has undergone tremendous progress in the past 10 years.

He dedicated his life to sport, in the spirit of judo and its principles, starting his career as an athlete, then coach, National Federation President, Continental Union President and International Federation President. With a wide perspective on what sport means, Vizer transformed judo into a popular and highly professional product, attracting new fans, media and sponsors and thus giving judo a strong status and means of development.

Vizer recognises and believes that sport is a powerful tool for social inclusion and conflict resolution. Under his leadership, the International Judo Federation is one of the most active IFs in social programmes, dedicated to all levels from grassroots to elite sports, and is available worldwide, including in remote places and complicated environments. Judo for Children, Judo in Schools and Judo for Peace are active programmes implemented at international scale with the aim of using sport to build a better society with better citizens, based on healthy and strong moral values.


The speakers

Using the unique power of sport to bring people together, the Olympism in Action Forum sees a range of global players, including Olympic Movement stakeholders, athletes, private and public sector leaders, NGO representatives, academics, artists and the media come together to talk on topical contemporary issues. Chosen because of their ability to effect change and their wide range of sometimes differing opinions, the speakers will lead lively debates and seek to challenge received wisdom to inspire new ways of thinking.

Meet the speakers.
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