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Günter Younger

Director, Intelligence and Investigations

ORGANISATION: World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

Günter Younger has served as the Director of Intelligence and Investigations for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) since 2016.

Younger was previously head of the Cybercrime Division at the Bavarian Landeskriminalamt (BLKA) in Germany, which he created as the central point of contact for police, state departments and private companies in all cybercrime matters of Bavaria. While fulfilling this role, Younger was a member of WADA’s three-person Independent Commission, which investigated and exposed widespread doping in Russian athletics in 2015.

After graduating from Police Training School in Dachau and Kӧnigsbrunn in 1988, Younger joined the BLKA as an investigator. Over the years, he held numerous increasingly senior positions with a particular focus on international investigations; specifically, combating drug trafficking and organised crime.

After completing post-graduate studies at the Police College of Public Administration in Fürstenfeldbruck and at the National Police Staff College in Münster, Younger served as Deputy Head of the Organised Crime Division of the BLKA. In 2006, he was deployed to Europol as an Analyst for Serious Organised Crime.

In 2008, Younger joined Interpol’s drug unit in Lyon, France, where he was swiftly promoted to Team Leader/Coordinator. By the following year, he had assumed responsibility for the organisation’s Drugs and Criminal Intelligence Unit (DCIU) and the newly created Anti-Doping section.

Upon completion of his term at Interpol in 2011, Younger returned to Germany to lead Bavaria’s Counterfeit Currency Unit, before re-joining BLKA.


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