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Dr Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi

Global Technology & Sustainability Director, Olympic & Sports Solutions

ORGANISATION: The Dow Chemical Company

For Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi, improving the world through sport is more than an Olympic Movement philosophy; it’s a way of life. As the Global Technology & Sustainability Director, Olympic & Sports Solutions at the Dow Chemical Company, Piccolrovazzi helps organising committees, candidate cities, large-scale events, business partners and other key stakeholders to address technology- and sustainability-related needs with Dow solutions. Among her greatest triumphs is Dow’s carbon mitigation platform, implemented by Dow on behalf of the Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 Organising Committees and now expanded globally as the “Official Carbon Partner of the International Olympic Committee.” The programmes led by Piccolrovazzi combine sports and technology to create solutions with a positive impact on society, business and the environment.

Piccolrovazzi joined Dow in 1989 as a Technical Service engineer in Switzerland. She previously led the Technical Service organisations for multiple Dow businesses, responsible for customer support and technology implementation throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Since then, she has held positions in Research & Development and Marketing & Sales. Her expertise covers a range of topics from Sustainability and R&D to end-use markets for advance materials.

Piccolrovazzi holds a PhD from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland and a Master’s degree in Chemistry from Padua University in Italy. She is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.


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Using the unique power of sport to bring people together, the Olympism in Action Forum sees a range of global players, including Olympic Movement stakeholders, athletes, private and public sector leaders, NGO representatives, academics, artists and the media come together to talk on topical contemporary issues. Chosen because of their ability to effect change and their wide range of sometimes differing opinions, the speakers will lead lively debates and seek to challenge received wisdom to inspire new ways of thinking.

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