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Dr Maurice Smith

Clinical Director, Living Well

ORGANISATION: NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group

Dr Maurice Smith is a Governing Body member of NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG) and a general practitioner partner at a large general practice in South Liverpool. He is the Clinical Director for Living Well, focusing on prevention through increasing physical activity and supported self-care.

Smith co-chairs the Liverpool Physical Activity and Sports Executive with the Head of Community Services at Liverpool City Council. This initiative has been highly influential in developing the city’s approach to improving physical activity. The most visible aspect of this programme is the extremely successful “Fit for Me” campaign. “Fit for Me” succeeded in engaging primary care in increasing physical activity such that, at the time of writing, over 122,000 citizens have been asked about physical activity.

Smith is a member of LCCG's Digital Care and Innovation programme and is especially interested in how technology can help assisted living. This builds on the very successful More Independent (Mi) programme in Liverpool, which is now part of the published evidence base for the effectiveness of remote telemetry in self-care for long-term conditions.

Outside of work, Smith is a keen tennis player, enjoys watching Manchester United and plays the guitar and the ukele.


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