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Diane Huffman

Senior Advisor

ORGANISATION: Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee
& Confederation of Sports

Diane Huffman is a sports development consultant and senior advisor to the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, focused on developing a safe and responsible sports sector. Her expertise includes using partnership, organisational and policy development as stepping stones towards fair and ethical sport. She has enabled advocacy groups to challenge existing policy gaps and promote behaviour that fosters the safety of youth and women in sport.

Huffman has been involved with groups such as City for All Women, providing opportunities for immigrant women to take part in municipal decision-making processes specific to sport and recreation; served as advisor to the Chair of the Gender Action Committee of the UN Sport for Peace and Development Programme; and worked to influence the development of international gender and safe-sport action plans in southern Africa. This resulted in multi-governmental support towards gender mainstreaming and increased women’s leadership within Africa Union Region 5 and beyond.

Huffman often works behind the scenes, directing and enabling organisations to drive good governance structures that facilitate safe sport. She is an active member of Women Sport International, chairing the International Development Task Force; an advisor to the Women’s Sport Africa Network; and the leader of the safe and inclusive sports communication and education task group in southern Africa.


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