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Working Zone 1B: 5 October 2018  11:30 - 12:50

Working Zone Excellence

In a world where science and technology innovate at unprecedented levels, notably in the methods of detecting prohibited drugs, it appears that it would be difficult for any athlete to conceal doping. However, experts believe it is becoming more challenging to fight doping. From stricter sanctions to education, there are many directions to explore regarding more efficient deterrence and prevention methods. Focusing resources on the deterrence and prevention of doping, as opposed to solely focusing on post-factum efforts, could prove more effective and efficient. Featuring a variety of athlete perspectives, this session will explore which deterrence methods have worked, and where efforts need to be further expanded.

Facilitator: Adnan Nawaz, News Anchor, TRT World, Turkey

  • Muffy Davis, 7-time Paralympic Medallist & Governing Board Member, International Paralympic Committee, United States
  • Kady Kanouté Tounkara, Zone 2 Chair, Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa, Mali
  • Nicky Van Rossem, Project Officer, Belgian Olympic & Interfederal Committee, Belgium

Moderator and speakers

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