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Working Zone 8: 5 October 2018  14:00 - 15:20

Working Zone Solidarity

The power of sport to transform communities, alter mind-sets and break down barriers has long been known, but framing this power into a sustainable solution has been a relatively recent phenomenon that has given rise to a new brand of young social entrepreneurs who feel a growing sense of responsibility as global citizens to effect change. The overarching goal of this session is to provide frameworks, tools and implementable solutions to address systemic social challenges through the power of sport, community and innovation.  The session will be a highly interactive, immersive experience. Participants will be tasked with designing either a product or a service that addresses a social problem or need within a specific target audience and location. At the end of the session, participants will walk away with not only a concrete implementable venture or concept, but also a series of tools for designing solutions to a variety of problems.

Facilitator: Arnaud Mourot, Co-Director, Ashoka, Europe, France

Moderator and speakers

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