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Working Zone 6A: 5 October 2018  14:00 - 15:20

Working Zone Friendship

Hosting major sporting events is frequently used by city and national governments as a catalyst for positive change, whether it be increasing tourism, expanding transport infrastructure, or raising a city’s global stature. However, what is initially planned by organisers as a positive legacy initiative takes time to be realised and is sometimes in stark contrast to the post-event expectations. The organisers of the Olympic Games have faced challenges such as oversized venues or venues that are underused for some years before finding a viable future. Considering these challenges of the past, the International Olympic Committee has developed a set of 118 new reforms, which comprise “The New Norm”. These reforms aim to completely transform how the Olympic Games are delivered (from candidature phase to Games organisation) and how they can create an impactful, positive legacy. In this working zone, leading economists and experts will discuss challenges of bidding for and hosting the Games and debate what needs to be done to ensure the Games are organised in a more economically beneficial and flexible way.

Facilitator: Sonali Shah, Broadcaster and Journalist, United Kingdom

  • Fraser Bullock, COO & CFO, Salt Lake City 2002, United States
  • Holger Preuss, , Professor, Johannes Gutenberg-University, Germany
  • Andrew Zimbalist, Chairperson and Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics, Smith College, United States

Moderator and speakers

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