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5 October 2018  10:20 - 11:00

Plenary Hall

The responsibility that the Olympic Movement and sport organizations worldwide have in ensuring sport and sporting events are fair and clean is more relevant than ever before. How can we ensure that the testing being done is independent and without any conflicts of interest? How can we break the “rule of silence” and encourage people to come forward and report violations? What is the right balance between protecting the civil rights and privacy of athletes versus anti-doping measures? This panel discussion with a diverse group of athletes and officials will address the most critical issues related to doping, which affect not only the Olympic Movement, but global sports at large.

Moderator: Adnan Nawaz, News Anchor, TRT World, Turkey

  • Benjamin Cohen, Director General, International Testing Agency, Switzerland
  • Kirsty Coventry, Five-time Olympian & Chair, IOC Athletes' Commission, Zimbabwe
  • David Millar, Former Pro Cyclist & Founder, CHPT3, United Kingdom
  • Yuliya Stepanova, Anti-Doping Whistleblower & Elite Athlete & Vitaly Stepanov, Anti-Doping Whistleblower & Former Employee, Russian Anti-Doping Agency (livestreamed)
  • Günter Younger, Director, Intelligence and Investigations, World Anti-Doping Agency, Canada

Moderator and speakers

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