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The OVEP Toolkit is a set of free resources designed to enrich any educational curriculum with Olympic-themed activities, teaching strategies and inspirational materials. It can be put into action by teachers and instructors, coaches and sports clubs, governments and educational authorities, members of the Olympic Family, and even parents at home. The Toolkit contains four key resources, described in detail below.

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The core resource - The fundamentals of Olympic Values Education

The fundamentals manual

This is the official core resource for the programme and the primary knowledge base within the framework for the delivery of the OVEP. It consists of four sections:

An introduction to Olympic Values Education explores the principles of Olympism and the Olympic educational themes.

Celebrating Olympism through symbols, ceremony and art. It connects the core elements of the Olympic Games to values based educational opportunities.

Delivering Olympism through sport and the Olympic Games discusses how the Olympic Movement has adapted to opportunities and challenges facing the world through initiatives such as the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), providing opportunities for women, and recognising the importance of sustainability when hosting games.

Teaching the educational themes of Olympism explores the importance of the Olympic educational themes and addresses contemporary issues that challenge the world’s youth.

Delivering OVEP - a practical guide

Delivering OVEP - a practical guide

This guide will assist you in delivering the IOC’s Olympic Values Education Programme. This document identifies 21st century teaching strategies and learner competencies that are used to successfully implement the programme. Numerous pedagogical strategies and examples of practical ways to implement OVEP are discussed.

The Activity based Curriculum of OVEP

Activity Sheets

Each Activity Sheet is a printable guide to a set of hands-on learning exercises that take the Olympic themes, symbols, traditions, and provide students/learners with ways to experience this material through creative and thought-provoking activities.

The Activity Sheets are differentiated to meet the developmental capabilities of students from the primary years to the upper years of secondary High School.

The OVEP Resource Library

The Resource Library

The Resource Library contains a rich selection of background information, inspirational materials such as videos and examples of grassroots programmes that complement the programme activities.

This supplemental materials include for exemple:

  • The Beginners Guide to the Olympics
  • The Olympic Adventure and animation video
  • Get moving: The IOC Guide to Managing Sport For All Programmes
  • Olympic Museum documents
  • and many more

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