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  • Factsheets
    • Driving social change through sport

      08 Aug 2016 | 4 pages | Pdf | pdf (69 Ko)
      The IOC makes sport a means of helping the most disadvantaged populations and those affected by disasters. This document takes a more detailed look at the IOC’s activities and partnerships.
    • HIV & AIDS Prevention through Sport

      28 Nov 2013 | 3 pages | Pdf | pdf (60 Ko)
      Placing sport at the service of humanity, the IOC helps in the fight against AIDS. Figures, awareness-raising and national initiatives are among the topics addressed in this document.
    • Olympic Truce

      01 Dec 2017 | 4 pages | Pdf | pdf (342 Ko)
      “Ekecheiria” or the Olympic Truce dates back to 9th century BC Greece. The first truce was a treaty between three kings, Iphitos of Elis, Cleosthenes of Pisa and Lycurgus of Sparta, to ensure the immunity of the sanctuary of Olympia and the region of Elis. During this truce period, athletes, artists and their families, and ordinary pilgrims could travel safely to take part in or watch the Olympic Games and then return to their respective countries. Taking account of the new political realities of which sport and the Olympic Games form a part, how was the Truce integrated into the modern Olympic Games? Find out the answer by consulting this document.
    • The Environment and Sustainable Development

      01 Jan 2014 | 7 pages | Pdf | pdf (106 Ko)
      The IOC is naturally not insensitive to environmental issues. Initiatives, the Olympic Movement’s Agenda 21, guides, awareness-raising and education plus impact studies are the IOC’s efforts to protect the planet.
    • 08 Oct 2018 | 4 pages |
      At which Olympic Games did women’s figure skating make its first appearance? Did you know that the first female IOC member was elected in 1981? This document contains the answers to such questions and more facts and figures about the presence of women in the Olympic Movement.
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