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The IOC Subsidies for Participation in Olympic Games aim to help foster the universal spirit of the Games by guaranteeing the participation of all NOCs, as well as to provide a financial contribution to NOCs, which play a key role in ensuring the success of the Games.

Uniting the planet

The IOC Subsidies for Participation in Olympic Games are managed by the Olympic Solidarity office in Lausanne in coordination with the Organising Committees of the respective Olympic Games, and are given in three phases:

  1. Before the Games: they cover the travel expenses and accommodation for one person per NOC to attend the meeting between the Chefs de Mission and the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG) and help NOCs that will organise pre-Games training camps in the host country.
  2. During the Games: they contribute to travel expenses for a number of athletes, team officials and NOC officials, cover accommodation costs for a maximum of two rooms per NOC up to 20 nights per room, and cover Games-related expenses which are not already covered by other sources of funding .
  3. After the Games: they are paid to the NOCs to compensate their contribution to the success of the Games.

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